1. SherleyPhinnisee livinglifewithbeauty says

    Yes Minnpam, I even found out they have acne and other things. Different
    flavors, I only found out about they a few dats ago. How do they taste n
    are they really helpful.?

  2. missbaosymoua says

    I think it works. I dont meam to be gross or anything. But this yogi detox
    tea helps me go “#2” more often bc usually im constipated. I drink this tea
    mostly before bed so when i wake up in the morning i can go do personal
    business before i head to work. I think it does wonders. And it taste

  3. SherleyPhinnisee livinglifewithbeauty says

    Southern Charm TFW n ya I did
    goggle it n found some interesting things. Thanks.?

  4. crysTAL Lewis says

    I drink the Yogi Detox Roasted Dandelion Spice and its USDA Organic and it
    tastes very earthy and delicious?