YogaVibes Collaborates with Sigrid Matthews to Launch New Ayurvedic Routines

Charlotte, NC (PRWEB) October 16, 2014

YogaVibes, the premium source for streaming online yoga classes and free yoga videos, is excited to introduce new yoga classes online with Focused Flow Yoga® creator and Ayurveda specialist, Sigrid Matthews.

Sigrid teaches an adaptable style of yoga that works with any level of student. Her twenty-eight years of teaching Hatha yoga, combined with fitness training, massage therapy, and certification in yoga therapeutics and yoga anatomy, gives Sigrid an expertise in movement, anatomy, and correct alignment, helping to keep her students safe and well-informed.

Her Focused Flow Yoga® program combines a therapeutic approach to traditional asana. These online yoga classes are designed very specifically, often with an Ayurvedic theme in mind. Merging asana with Ayurveda – the sister science of yoga – Sigrid has created special sequences to harmonize each of the three doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

Perfect for autumn (the Vata season), her recent Focused Flow practice is customized to help reduce the out of balance symptoms of Vata, including scattered thoughts, overwhelm-tion, anxiety, dry skin, and joint pain. This online yoga class helps ground and stabilize anxiety with mudra and pranayama (breath work) and also, builds strength without exerting physical stress.

For more Ayurveda-inspired yoga videos, including customized sequences for Pitta and Kapha, please visit Sigrid’s complete online yoga collection on YogaVibes.


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Sigrid Matthews created Focused Flow Yoga® as a way to integrate 27 years of teaching and practicing various styles of yoga. Focused Flow combines a therapeutic approach to traditional asana, creating a strong foundation of core support and joint stability. Advanced practitioners can challenge themselves by fine-tuning difficult poses and newer students get the benefit of learning the poses in a safe way that is aimed at creating a stronger, toned, and balanced body. She aims to help her students practice mindful movement that is accessible to everybody while encouraging personal transformation. Over the last ten years, Sigrid has developed the popular Black Dog Yoga Teacher Training Program, along with Peter Barnett.

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