Weight Loss Tips for Kapha Types According to Ayurvedic Nutritionist Sahara of Eat Feel Fresh

TeamKapha Members- Here is my advice for weight loss and increased energy for all the Kapha Dosha types. Not sure your Dosha? Kapha types are those prone towards weight gain, water retention,…


  1. AMEN RAH says

    Great vid, I’m a former former football player, I have always been short
    and powerfully built(taurus), the older I get the heavier I get, this video
    really explains why it is soooo hard for me to loose weight,thanks a

  2. Poonam Passi says

    Hello ,
    I am kapha type….
    I dont see anything working for me ….i have minor thyroid detected 5
    year back it normal without medicines.
    i tried oats/musieli/ frius everything …i dnt loose weight

    gng get married soon please help

    i m getting depressed?

  3. Tara Bialek says

    I enjoyed your video. Hope to connect more on here & maybe you’ll watch
    some of my clips. Blessings to you! – Tara?

  4. Jagadish Pothigachalam says

    Superb video. For a long time i was wondering what’s wrong with me. I feel
    very lazy and couldn’t complete one task to the full. I learnt about my
    body type and its kapha. I am also having asthma and using inhaler. Thanks
    for this video sister.

    Also i think you are the first one who said, ‘Its not what you eat but what
    you digest’. Words of wisdom to be engraved in every home. Thank you very

  5. Taj Kapoor says

    hey great video! where did you study to become an Ayurvedic Nutritionist?
    I think that’s way more useful than becoming an Ayurvedic Doctor in India!

    you seem like you are from California? me too but I am in Andhra Pradesh
    India right now completing my MD. anyways, nice info about the spices and
    about it’s not what you eat but what you digest! by the way the best
    exercise for Kapha’s is probably getting up and running on the treadmill.
    Is there any added benefit to drinking hot teas throughout the day versus
    just room temperature or cold water? ?

  6. Jen C says

    Hi Im fairly new to ayurveda. I heard that theirs certain food combining
    rules In ayurveda like for example starches shouldn’t be combined with
    proteins. Is this true? thanks :)?

  7. A526095 says

    Hi. could you do more videos about hapha food , maybe some recepts how to
    cook meal, whhat to eat seasonally. thanks?

  8. Ello M Skrilla says

    Great Presentation! #KaphaMembers in the His-House, LOL…hehehehe! This
    made so much sense to me it’s not even funny. Say for example, the warming
    up of foods. I’m not a huge fan of rice but when I eat it, I didn’t mind if
    it was cold or not…I just cared about flavor…hot sauces or sweat and
    sour…now I can honestly say I remember better now // (iKnow Better Now)?