Using My All Natural Homemade Soap I Made On The Wood Stove

My all natural homemade soap is done curing and ready for use. This is the soap I made on top of my tiny house wood stove in a cast iron pot. I used vegetable oil, lye and water as the only…


  1. delana phelps says

    Nice! It didn’t look like chocolate, more greyish. But i take your your
    word for it :) i like making soap, i have cute molds for my daughter. I
    like the glycerin soap recipe because i can use colors. Have a great day
    Troy! ?

  2. MsPunkin13 says

    can you be specific on the dangers and chemicals included in using store
    bought dish soap.?

  3. Shelly M says

    I’m going to try this some time soon. Actually your first soap making video
    was the first video of yours I watched while I was at the hospital with my
    Mom in the last of her cancer struggle. Been watching your channel since.
    Thanks for the informative videos.?

  4. Harvey Floyd says

    Hey troy how can I get me a bar of soap to try. can you hook me up. thanks
    buddy let me know?

  5. MrBerekhhnd says

    I remember my dad making this when I was little. It was cool. He used to
    make the laundry detergent too.?

  6. TXplowgirl says

    I found out that I have intolerances to most of the ingredients in
    everything almost. I have to start using homemade products for everything.
    That’s why I’ve been so sick most of my life. So, thank you for the
    homemade soap and will be looking forward to your dish soap video.?

  7. Andy Mahoney says

    The soft soap is a one way street, once you use it there is no commercial
    comparison. ?

  8. Donna Day says

    WOW…does it lather? I have use many a bar of my homemade soap and it has
    never had a waxy feel to it or has ever looked crumbly. Are you sure you
    did it right? I do agree that homemade soap is so much better for us.?