Toenail Fungus – Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies

Watch how you can treat toenail fungus using natural ingredients available in your kitchen! Check other awesome ### NATURAL HOME REMEDIES ### videos: A. CORNS :…


  1. Erika Galvan says

    If a toenail falls off can it grow back?? And if it falls off do u still
    have to do the treatment???

  2. Ella Arieta says

    Actually believe it or not the turmeric works very well! I have been
    suffering from toe nail fungus for many years due to dancing and I had
    recently starting drinking turmeric tea. I then realized that my nails
    have improved and couldn’t believe it. I googled turmeric and toe nail
    fungus and the results are more than accurate. I’m glad I started on this
    path. By the summer I will be comfortable to wear open toe shoes and flip
    flops. ?

  3. AussieSportsLover says

    Congratulations on having the most useless youtube video for curing toenail
    fungus. Seriously useless. ?

  4. Lu Jodon says

    Anybody tried the Yeastolarex Remedy (do a google search)? We have noticed
    several amazing things about this popular yeast infection home remedy.?

  5. organicsuperman says

    I’m currently using sea salt footbaths with vinegar and also applying
    topically to the nail apple cider vinegar. Fingers crossed, not keen on

  6. esha asha says

    How can I keep the potato juice fresh for few days? Is it necessary to wrap
    a cloth after applying the juice

  7. BondGirl29 says

    how many times do you have to use the turmeric powder to see results? one
    time is not gonna do it :(

  8. Homeveda - Home Remedies for You! says

    Will surely keep that in mind. And thanks! :) Hope you’ve checked our
    facebook age as well!

  9. Lola Falana says

    I didn’t see any videos on how up treat coldsores! What r your
    recommendations on preventing and treating coldsores?

  10. NPDrecovery says

    Hi! I love your channel – thank you! However, I think it would be good to
    mention that turmeric paste will color the nails bright yellow :D and so it
    looks twice as bad as before (even if it is actually helping) – it took me
    3? days to finally get rid of the color even though I washed it a lot!
    Otherwise, it is a great tip (video) and I love your channel – you are very
    charming and presentation looks great!