this simple natural soap can save you tons of $$$$ homestead secret

castile soap is awesome and can save you tons of money and is natural here is just a small list of the things you can do with this wonder soap BATH 2 tablespoons in tub FACE WASH 2-3 drops…


  1. growinginfaithfarm says

    Stacy and Doug from Growing in Faith Farm go over the benefits of using
    this natural soap on the homestead and how it saves you $$?

  2. FindingMyHomestead Kristin Z says

    New Sub sent by Mrs. Dirt. I am a new acre owner but have been homesteading
    on a tiny bit of land for awhile. We are super new and still learning. We
    just got 7 acre but we have to learn every single thing brand new and we
    are not Young like you all HEEE.. im so excited about your channel. I can’t
    wait to start watching. We also are a scriptural observant family :) <3?

  3. 1timby says

    I’ve been making my own laundry detergent for year. I use Fels-Naptha as
    the base. Then add Borax & Washing soda. Has been working great. A small
    scoop (1/4 cup) works for a large load. Of course we make dry laundry

    BTW the vid is much clearer now…Thanks..LOL?

  4. Harrison Hightower says

    A couple drops of eucalyptus castile soap in a sprayer bottle with water
    acts as a bug spray for house plants. Keep those spider mites at bay with
    Castile soap and water!! You can find castile soap at most co-ops and I
    have even see it at hardware stores!?

  5. darfirst says

    Oh My!!! I see whats happening now. You guys are going to start up the
    Growing in Faith Spa! hehe. Why not you have everything right there on the
    farm that even the most expensive spa resorts don’t. I for one say go for
    it guys, you can do it! Haha?

  6. Carolina Prepper says

    I dig Stacy’s a-typical off grid style. Doug, you’re an off grid rock star!
    Great video.?

  7. suesueg74 says

    This is what we are working toward getting our own place. I will try the
    oils in my laundry soap next time I make some.?

  8. Todd Stubbs says

    Doug dude you gotta learn to chill out and quit talking so much and let
    your wife talk you’re all the time interrupt and she can’t get out what she
    has to say and it makes it frustrating to watch your videos?

  9. John D says

    That bookshelf near the stairway and water cooler near the door are great
    for the background in this video. Nice looking cabin!?

  10. Marie s says

    Great video, thank you so much. One question though. Do you prefer
    Dr.Bonner’s over homemade soap. I make my own laundry soap and learning to
    make my own bar soap…. So I’m just curious about your thoughts on the

  11. Jay McDonald says

    I’ve been using Dr Bronner’s Pure Castile Soup since like 1970 when the
    hippies started coming to our church and started teaching us all this
    natural stuff. I have a bottle at the moment (which I use sparingly and
    treat it as if it was gold), but I don’t buy it often as I am a cheap guy.

    I actually buy Kirk’s Coconut Castile Soap, which is actually pretty harsh
    (despite the coconut content), but it’s cheap. It’s also bar soap. I mainly
    use it to shave cause it lathers well. I think because of it’s lye content
    it tends to leave your skin a bit dry. I would never recommend it for
    someone with skin sensitivities. Which I can’t remember if Stacy mentioned
    this but, Dr. Bonner’s is great for people with sensitive skin.

    Btw, Walmart does carry Dr. Bonner’s, it just doesn’t carry the peppermint.
    Which I find kind of weird since that is the most well known and common
    version of their castile soap.

    Good stuff that Dr, Bonner’s. Good video guys!!!?

  12. Sheila Robertson says

    Another great video! Eucalyptus oil is awesome. I have used it for 25
    years. My son was allergic to dust, so I soaked laundry with a few drops
    in. Kills dust mites. Also it is good to breath in. I got laryngitis once
    and lost my voice. When I would breath in over the eucalyptus bottle, I
    could speak a few words, lol. Also I put salt in my laundry. Softens and
    cleans. Vinegar is conditioner for my hair, fabric softener in laundry. Too
    bad people think only harsh, commercial chemicals work. ?

  13. Joshua Smith says

    Doug & Stacy- really enjoy the show.
    I think you two are just great with a beautiful homestead, great tips and

  14. Frugal Home and Health says

    We really appreciate Dr Bronner’s for all sorts of things … however, do
    you have any tips for extra greasy dishes? I’ve tried a variety of things
    but I always end up going back to the commercial dish soap (as natural as I
    can find but still commercial). For non-greasy dishes I usually just use
    water, semi-greasy does well with homemade soap or DB’s, but greasy, well,
    I’m just not there yet!

    We’ve been ordering from Azure Standard ever since we lived in the Pacific
    northwest, about 11 years or so. They have really expanded their delivery
    route … do they come near your neck of the woods? In my opinion, it’s
    worth the hour or so drive once a month to pick up our order (and the
    orders if our friends and neighbors).

    Looking forward to the laundry video :-)