1. TheLeo0863 says

    Have you ever heard of Honeybush herbal tea from South Africa? It is
    similar to Rooibos but some studies show that it has more health benefits
    such as regulating and even lowering blood sugar levels. (anti-diabetic

  2. mikeinbc says

    Healthiest should take more into account than just anti-oxidant
    capabilities. Correct title “The greatest anti-oxidant tea”

  3. Tobias Brown says

    Why would these Koreans do this study if they didn’t care so much about
    anti-oxidant levels of teas?

  4. Afshin Mokhtari says

    A somewhat misleading title and follow-through in this video. Healthiest
    for who? Each of these plants has different actions on the body. What might
    be healthy for you might not be for a majority of others. You can’t just
    value a substance just based on the quantity of anti-oxidants. Koreans
    themselves have a long history of herbal use and knowledge and probably
    dont make the same mistake as we do in this.