The Best Detox or Cleanse 3 Ballerina Herbal Tea

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  1. JaynTia86 says

    I purchase mines from my local winn dixie in the international isle. Use to
    have to buy it from a herval merchant for double the price sometimes triple
    not knowing it was sold at winn dixie for just $3. Works great. ?

  2. Carla G says

    I read that this tea helps you lose water weight not fat. But of course
    with exercising and eating healthy you will see results.?

  3. DeeDee's World Loves says

    This herbal tea really work! It will definitely clean you out and help you
    to lose weight!?

  4. CherieMonique says

    Oh snap. That tea is so old school. Wouldn’t it be crazy if it blows up on
    social media like fit tea?

  5. Nedra Henson says

    Love this tea, the trick is to take in after 8:30 or before you go to bed,
    the next morning you have your major movement and eat yogurt, or fruit. I
    wven will do a smoothie for breakfast and soup or salad for lunch it does
    tge trick.?

  6. Dacmaris Rosario says

    This really works, but don’t use it so much, I can mix up your bowl
    movement and really cause you to constipate when your digestive system gets
    used to it. ?

  7. theamethyst93 says

    I like it with honey and lemon and it worked just the same. I hate the
    taste of it so that’s the only way I can tolerate it. But this stuff really
    works. Sometimes if I just need a mild cleanse I only let the bag sit in
    there for 5 minutes because sometimes it’s too harsh for my stomach but I
    love this stuff ?