Swine flu: Naik says government sending ayurvedic meds to states – The Indian Express

There has been a rise in cases of swine flu in the national capital and other parts of the country. A day after death toll due to swine flu crossed 700, Union Minister of State for Health Shripad Naik Friday said the Centre is sending special ayurvedic medicinal syrups to all states as part of its efforts to combat the influenza. Naik, in charge of the newly-created AYUSH Ministry, claimed that the “situation is under control” saying that medicines are being distributed apart from setting up isolation wards in government hospitals. “AYUSH can definitely help as ayurveda has special medicinal … [Read more...]

Putting an End to Angry Burns With Ayurveda – The New Indian Express

A very dear friend of mine was visiting Chennai. She runs a spa in Bengaluru, and while she was handling hot wax, she inadvertently dropped quite a bit of it on her foot. The skin broke into an angry blister almost two inches in length. Being a feisty person, she decided to go ahead with her programme of coming to Chennai to attend a course. She had been applying some medicines but the wound looked quite red and angry, and there was also pedal oedema. Because of the swelling in the foot, she had some problem walking without pain. We then decided to go the siddha way. She was asked to apply … [Read more...]