Health benefits of spices and herbs

Vasanthi Gunasekaran, Gayathri Ramesh Friday, Jul 04, 2014 Spices and herbs are common ingredients used in Indian food. Many of them are also used in ayurvedic treatment as ingredients in ayurvedic medicines. We bring you the benefits of some of them. Ayurveda practioners Dr V.C. Ajith Kumar from Ayush Ayurveda Centre and Dr E.J. Joshi and Dr Bindu Ancy Joshi from Kerala Ayurveda Centre also share their views. Turmeric: It is commonly used in the treatment of arthritis and Alzheimer's disease. It aids digestion, prevents gas formation and is a diuretic. It also relieves pain, is … [Read more...]

What are the Chinese names of these herbs?

What are the Chinese names of these herbs? I'm trying to buy some herbs in Chinatown, but the places I went to need to know the Chinese names for the herbs I want. I looked really hard for all of the Chinese names, but only managed to find two. These are the ones I couldn't find: False Unicorn Root: Chamaelirium luteum Cramp Bark: Viburnum opulus Red Raspberry: Rubus wallichii Muskroot: Nardostachys jatamansi Shepherd’s Purse: Capsella bursa-pastoris It's real bugging me because I wanted to buy these herbs. I guess I could always buy them offline, but I'd rather not. Does anyone know … [Read more...]