Ashwagandha gets US patent for vaccine adjuvant

Mumbai, Aug. 13:   A group of researchers from Pune University and Serum Institute have received a patent on the use of Ashwagandha as a vaccine adjuvant, or component that helps improve its efficacy. A medicinal herb, Ashwagandha is also referred to as Indian Gensing. In a project supported by the Department of Science and Technology, the research was part of a project to develop “botanical immunomodulators” as adjuvants to improve vaccine efficacy, said a researcher from Serum. In the past, the industry used aluminium salts as an adjuvant, but as newer vaccines are developed, industry is … [Read more...]

I heard turmeric powder gets rid of facial hair?

I heard turmeric powder gets rid of facial hair? Is that true do you have to shave before applying this? Answer by KTurmeric, a golden-colored powder is a popular spice used in Indian cuisine and gives most of its curries a vibrant hue. Native to Asia and found mainly in India, it is a major ingredient in Ayurveda (India's herbal medicine). Herbalists use turmeric to reduce asthma, arthritis, cough, cholesterol and symptoms of anemia. Indian women employ natural alternatives for cosmetic purposes. Turmeric powder is a common ingredient that many use as a part of their daily beauty ritual. … [Read more...]