Health benefits of spices and herbs

Vasanthi Gunasekaran, Gayathri Ramesh Friday, Jul 04, 2014 Spices and herbs are common ingredients used in Indian food. Many of them are also used in ayurvedic treatment as ingredients in ayurvedic medicines. We bring you the benefits of some of them. Ayurveda practioners Dr V.C. Ajith Kumar from Ayush Ayurveda Centre and Dr E.J. Joshi and Dr Bindu Ancy Joshi from Kerala Ayurveda Centre also share their views. Turmeric: It is commonly used in the treatment of arthritis and Alzheimer's disease. It aids digestion, prevents gas formation and is a diuretic. It also relieves pain, is … [Read more...]

Benefits Of Monsoon Ayurveda – BoldSky

It is common knowledge that Ayurveda therapy helps to get to the bottom of all health problems. It is a therapy which helps cleanse your mind and body at the most fundamental level. Ayurveda is a pranic system of medicine that brings a sense of balance on the body’s life energy called the doshas. This can be accomplished by following a strict diet, through various massages, pouring herbal liquid onto the whole body and by wrapping your body with essential herbal leaves and powders. It is a traditional natural healing system that takes into account your mind, body and soul completely. If you … [Read more...]

can you help me find literatures on the medical benefits of molasses?

can you help me find literatures on the medical benefits of molasses? if possible,only primary sources.. authors will be acknowledged.. and 10 pts for the best answer.. Answer by Richa KCRUDE BLACKSTRAP MOLASSES "If there has ever been a food that was ignored in direct proportion to its prophylactic and curative properties, that food is unsulphured blackstrap molasses. It is truly a wonder food of nature. No home should ever be without it." Gaumont and Buttram, M.D. Nine Day Inner Cleansing ANALYSIS Blackstrap molasses, gram for gram, contains more Iron than any other food, except … [Read more...]