10% off Mothers Day Sale Amethyst Stalactite – Beautiful Wonder of Nature with Deep Red Coloring (RK1-B5-18) by RockParadise

23.40 USDListing is for this exact Amethyst stalactite as pictured (RK1-B5-18)This stone has been sliced to show the cross section of the stalactites.Rare find! It will take your breath away. Stone may have little cracks or marring but these are a natural part of the stone. Lovely item for your collection, a gift or display! The measurement of this stone is approx.: 27mm x 58mm x 43mm Etsy Shop for RockParadise … [Read more...]

10% off Mothers Day Sale Gorgeous Raw Assorted Amethyst Druzy Rectangles – Natural Raw Purple Amethyst Clusters and Assorted Quartz Druzy — by RockParadise

15.26 USDListing is for FIVE (5) natural raw rectangle druzy amazing stones! (RK4B9)Great quality amethyst and assorted quartz druzy ! So beautiful!We have a limited amount of these amazingly priced druzy. Get these will they last!Amethyst believed to be a powerful stone that repels negative energy and attracts positive energy. It is believed to bring clarity of mind to the owner. The name amethyst comes from the Greek word "amethustos" which means "not drunk". Many believe that amethyst can be used for reducing addictions. It is a gemstone that many use for … [Read more...]

10% off Mothers Day Sale Dark Grey Amethyst Stalactite Stone Super Sparkly RK2-B6-08 by RockParadise

11.66 USDListing is for this exact stone RK2-B6-08Beautiful Purple Amethyst Stalactite Rare Center Stone This is a powerful rare amethyst stone! Use it for gemstone healing, feng shui, meditation stone, or a gorgeous display piece!This one measures approximately 26mm x 26mm x 8mm Beautiful small stone. Etsy Shop for RockParadise … [Read more...]