Soap Naturally Colored With Paprika-Blood Orange Scent

Handmade Natural Soaps: Blood Orange & Paprika cold process soaps Soap Making.


  1. Shirley Roy says

    Love this! I had the samething happen to me with a mold “you did well for
    the leaking” lol ??

  2. dgandcrl says

    Haha! I call them the “DoWrong” molds! I hate them. Mine are just now
    starting to warp and leak but the stick thing has been going on since the
    beginning. Glad you unloaded yours. I am waiting on the silicone ones to
    get here to try those.

  3. KnitandCrochetHeaven says

    I was just looking at those molds. Is there anyway to keep them from
    leaking aside from putting paper inside? Are you able to do emulsified
    swirls without leaks if it is tightened enough?

  4. stoneheartfarm says

    Pretty soapies Kim! it looks like the one end piece was not down all the
    way so it leaked out the bottom. ugh! I hate when I do that!

  5. heyjudesoaps says

    Beautiful soap, Kim! I’m glad that you were wearing gloves when your soap
    started oozing out.

  6. dgandcrl says

    Oooh Kim! I’m so sorry! I have had a slight leak in one of mine when I was
    only using a spacer and not filling the whole thing and I can’t tell you
    how long I stood there SQUEEZING the crap out of the one side waiting for
    it to thicken enough not to leak. Thank goodness you had enough-nice save!
    You didn’t even stress out!

  7. trishwosere says

    WOW, that looks amazing!!! I love the smell of the blood orange too, so
    clean smelling…lovely.

  8. Heather Winberg says

    Hrm, could it be that the end that leaked had its divider in upside down? I
    notice it was sticking up more that the other side. LOVE the colour and I
    think it turned out great, leak and all! ~Heather

  9. sunshyneNrainxx says

    Save yourself some time , money, and aggravation and sell that mold They
    are awful especially if they are the doright mold from eBay. The mold
    sticks leaks and warps. Unless you find a silicone liner. The lady who
    bought mine wanted it for her silicone mold