Soap making using natural colourants

I decided to try out spirulina, calendula and madder root as colourants for this soap. If you find the annotations distracting, you can turn them off in the …


  1. Tammi Heupel says

    Beautiful! Whoever is typing the boxed dialogue is hilarious, btw :)
    Calendula is very nice in soap. I’ve used it for a colourant before and I
    loved what it did for the soap more than the colour it produced. I’ve been
    leary of spirulina for the same reason LOL! Anyway, lovely colours & soap!
    Well done :)?

  2. EvesGardenSoaps says

    I’m so happy to see your video! Your colors came out more vibrant than some
    other soaps done with naturals ~ they look marvelous. I’ve never seen the
    criss-cross top done before either. You’re definitely going to start a
    craze with that! :) ione eve?

  3. DivinelitesHandMadeSoap says

    So good to see one of your videos! Great experiment… know that the
    next craze that you will be seeing on youtube is the Tati
    CrissCross….mark my words!!!! Please post soon….miss watching! Iris?

  4. Iryna Boehland says

    Love the video, the soap, and the comments in boxes! ;-)
    I’ve heard that spirulina fades during curing. Have you notice it? Thank