Secrets of the Ayurvedic Scalp Massage Tutorial

I want to demonstrate secret of Ayurvedic scalp massage with potion in order to help others grow/regrow hair fast. Since I talk about potion in so many of my…


  1. abadiqaisy123 says

    I would like to ask you a question. We’re you bald so no hair grew ? Like
    bald men ? Or were u just cutting bald for some hospital reasons or disease

  2. TBnMe2013 says

    Hmm! This method seems like it could be very effective. I was doing it
    while watching you. Feels great and I can actually feel my scalp tingling.
    Thanks for sharing!!?

  3. airrwalker says

    The motion of massage by planting your fingers and pushing down the scalp
    in a circular motion – a large part of the scalp moving around – will it
    cause traction alopecia in the run ??

  4. dayza1021 says

    That felt amazing on my scalp my scalp got so warm I started to sweat but
    man I will be doing this on a daily basis.

  5. howconnie says

    @happynappyable when I started using hairdrenaline, scalp massaging and
    taking vitamins I got a summer growth spurt of one inch per week for a
    while. I suffer from alopecia areta, so I was able to grow back the bald
    spots by hyper-stimulation techniques.

  6. columkenn says

    Have you pictures of when you were bald. How long did it take to go from
    bald to full coverage? 1 inch a week is serious growth, did you change diet
    for this? You have very attractive smile

  7. howconnie says

    @ TLS About an inch last week, that is great! Congratulations. If you need
    any more help just leave me a comment. When your hair grows this fast, you
    have to adjust your haircare plan accordingly.

  8. AveIvy says

    Great video, this technique really helped me understand the messaging
    technique better. Thanks.

  9. TeoTheZetron says

    I am a blond boy, can also help for my problem? Where can I order this
    potion on the internet. I live in Italy. Thanks again for your valuable
    information. I really admire your work, a kiss :)

  10. kikicouture10 says

    Good luck to you in the giveaway I will try this massage technique it looks
    very efficient

  11. howconnie says

    @tanpatwil, I have been getting about an inch of new hair per week. I
    measure the area where my receding hairline and bald spots once were. If
    you look at my video ‘My bald spots’. I was bald with an inflamed scalp on
    mothers day.