Remove facial hair with natural home remedies using either chickpea flour, potatoes or lemon juice. For complete information check this short video from ! Visit us to discover over 1000 natural home remedies & information about symptoms & causes for over 200 common as well as chronic health conditions. SUBSCRIBE TO HOMEVEDA JOIN US ON FACEBOOK: FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: —————————– Facial Hair: • Facial hair is a natural phenomenon • But, having excess hair can be embarrassing, especially for women • Shaving facial hair is not advisable • Waxing is popular but is not advisable for women with sensitive skin • Plucking is a painful and time consuming method Causes: • Hormonal imbalance • Irregular menstrual cycle • Certain medicines • Post-pregnancy hormonal changes Natural home remedy using chickpea flour, milk, turmeric powder and fresh cream: 1. Take ½ bowl of chickpea flour 2. Add ½ cup milk 3. Add 1 tsp turmeric powder 4. Add 1 tsp fresh cream 5. Mix well 6. Apply and massage on the face, covering all hair 7. Leave it for 25 min and let the paste dry 8. Remove the dried paste by rubbing palms in direction opposite the hair growth Natural home remedy using potatoes, yellow lentils, lemon juice and honey: 1. Take 1 bowl of peeled and crushed potatoes 2. Press on a sieve and extract their juice 3. Take 1 bowl of crushed yellow lentils (lentils soaked overnight in water) 4. Add 4 tbsp lemon juice 5

25 Responses to “Removing Facial Hair – Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies”

  1. me78ish says:

    What is this fresh cream?
    I am? not sure if we have it in Scandinavia…

  2. sanrojaram says:

    are the potatoes raw or boiled one…..yes please suggest alternative when fresh cream is? not available…

  3. trisha60 says:

    great video! omg, i made a video that i think u will find helpful! it was me waxing my facial hair for the first time!! please have a look and sub if u like it! let? me know if u watch it! xxx

  4. xMo99i says:

    @jcbqbwp you are correct. i am very lucky to get to know about? this site. Listen to this, really lucky that i registered and got my dream fresh products from maybelline for nothing :). i found it here >->

  5. infygirl83 says:

    For the first remedy, can I use curd instead? of cream?

  6. darkg1ow says:

    Should the lentils soak the night before in water or should they soak? in the mixture after it`s done..?

  7. homeveda says:

    This remedy is useful for places where? there is abnormal hair growth.

  8. homeveda says:

    Hi -? you should check this video here for dry frizzy hair –

  9. homeveda says:

    Fateh – this is not a? one time method. You need to use it 3-4 times a week for atleast 4-5 months. It weakens facial hair & reduces growth.

  10. FatehShaad says:

    hi.. :( its not working
    do u have any other? method?

  11. GGPSP says:

    Natural remedy for ? frizzy hair

  12. trisha60 says:

    hey i did a similar video to this, but i attempted this for the first time on film!!! haha! and also i waxed my face!!! ooouch!? lol! please have a look! x

  13. homeveda says:

    Here is a? link to the video to get rid of dark circles –

  14. Smith B says:

    can u do? a video on how to reduce dark circles..thanx..

  15. Siva Varma says:

    how to? remove hair on hands and legs forever

  16. homeveda says:

    You’re welcome!
    It would be good if? you massage it gently.

  17. homeveda says:

    No this is specifically? for facial hair removal.

  18. homeveda says:

    No this is specifically? for facial hair removal.

  19. Sydney Smiley says:

    can this be used for? the stomach & breasts area?

  20. Sydney Smiley says:

    can the remedy be used to remove hair from? other body parts?

  21. gahirs says:

    Do i need to rub my face in second remedy to ? or it? will work in own way .
    thank you so much for your great videos.

  22. pri22v11 says:

    basically make a khaman dholka mix? and apply to face! hahah! :)

  23. patycardenas says:

    how long do you leave in the 2nd remedy on? face? do you just wipe it off with warm or cold water? does it also work on body hair? sorry too much questions.

  24. Reem Hinnawi says:

    Can you do a remedy for excessive body hair??

  25. World11 Peace says:

    Does? it work?!? Please tell!!

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