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Music: “Arktika” – Track 2 from CD Arktika © Imaginative flute melodies and gentle, calming sounds from the kawala and ocarina create…


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    Music: “Arktika” – Track 2 from
    CD Arktika ©
    Imaginative flute melodies and gentle, calming sounds from the kawala and
    ocarina create a fascinating contrast to the sounds of a solo guitar. This
    unusual composition opens up inner freedom and a deeper sense of

    A musical speciality! This composition is a continuous arrangement of 30
    minutes. The melody, which has been chosen for its soothing effect on the
    psyche, and the harmonious balance between melody and sounds as well as the
    natural rhythm of 60 beats per minute are woven together to exert a
    positive influence on your entire physical and mental wellbeing.

    This composition is part of the wellness and relaxation music series
    invented by Dr. Arnd Stein. It has sold over 2 million copies and has been
    proven effective in clinical studies and systematic observations.

    – Degradation of everyday and professional stress
    – Generating a tranquil atmosphere pleasurable and stimulating
    positive mood
    – Increasing concentration and performance
    – Promote calmness and prudence when driving
    – Get rid of fear and gain peace of mind in the doctor’s office or
    clinic ( Waiting room, treatment, surgery )
    – Acceleration of regeneration and recovery
    – Deepening relaxation during physiotherapeutic applications
    (eg massage)
    – Calming overactive or aggressive children
    – Popular supplement cosmetic treatments
    – Ambient music for hotels, restaurants (GEMA-free)
    – Ideal Wellness Music for Wellness and Spa

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    Title: “Arktika” ( Track 2 from CD Arktika )
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