Relaxing Honey & Camomile Herbal Tea | TalkBeckyTalk

Looking for a soothing hot drink for bedtime? Then this is one for you! Becky Sheeran – AKA YouTuber TalkBeckyTalk – is back with another fresh herbal tea re…


  1. Jamie Oliver's Drinks Tube says

    Eeeeease your way back into the working week with +TalkBeckyTalk’s Relaxing
    Honey & Camomile Herbal Tea.

    #tea #Camomile?

  2. Vassiliki Giakoumatou says

    Gorgeous tea! Thanks! But, as a bee-keeper, I would like to give you a tip:
    do not pour boiling water over your honey, because it will ruin all those
    nice and healthy stuff honey has… just wait until it is drinkable, and
    then stir some honey in your tea :)?

  3. ThisIsMyFullName says

    This is borderline witchcraft right here, which makes Becky the best
    looking witch I’ve ever seen :P
    I’ll defiantly remember this recipe next time I get a cold!?

  4. Viktor Ten says

    Awesome series, bring us more!
    Also, throw away that knife, get a new one and take care of it, don’t use a
    stone cutting board.?

  5. Sophie Loves Sparkle ItalianAussie says

    This has come just at the right time for me guys! I’m so stressed with work
    at the moment … I NEED THIS TEA!! You do know your audience well :)?

  6. Purple Widow says

    Is it just me? I think it’s just me….but somehow Camomile tea taste and
    smells like swimming pool to me >_<?

  7. VinoNCL says

    Nando’s does a similar one called camomile citrus which contains all of ur
    ingredients apart from the honey. It’s the lushest thing ever u could
    possibly have. ?

  8. Tom Matsaev says

    OMG!!! Just made it!! Tastes like heaven!!! Can we have some more recipes
    from you please? :)?

  9. Henry Hallam says

    Eeeeease your way back into the working week with +TalkBeckyTalk’s Relaxing
    Honey & Camomile Herbal Tea.

    #tea #Camomile?

  10. itsme diaaa says

    Such a great idea! I love to put a lot of different flavors in my tea. I
    use cinnamon very often and ginger in my green tea so I have to try this
    combo with camomile.
    Thank you :)
    A great episode again, Becky *high 5*?