Q&A: Which kinds of supplements should I take?

Which kinds of supplements should I take?
I mean there are so much different kinds of supplements and I dont know which ones are good. I want have the lean muscle look, after a year working out and taking why protein, I gained more weight than muscle. Note that I’m 17 years old and I want something thats appropriate for my age and doesn’t risk my health.

Answer by manchild
when u bulk up you don’t just put on lean muscle. You need to modify you diet by reducing your carbohydrate intake, search the net for the insulin/zone diet and give that a go, take a multi vitamin daily along with 2 litres of purified water…also include some arobic actiity, as much as 3 time a week would be good, along side your strength training

Answer by frildo a
you are too old for whey protein. Besides milk is for babies.

go for Super Nutrition Vits

Take flax seed oil

Tienchi Ginseng

drink water

and do not take any sugars, NONE, else it fuks your endocrine system

you will grow big

PS: no sugars, let your body make testosterone

Answer by KelsUtd
I love GNC multis. I’m 21 and use the Vegetarian multi. If you go to one of their stores, the sales assoc. there will walk you through what you want and need, and then suggest a product (and it’s not always the most expensive one!)

Below is a store locator, I’d just go in and tell them what you want and what happened to you previously.

You don’t need to buy their product, just use them as an educated source. I find it very helpful


  1. foxy says

    Great question by the way! Why do you believe supplement are the way to go? Your 17, and your motabolism should still be on the up. Supplements are only going to pass through your system, and could aid in the battle of weight gain. Especially protein supplements for the most part they are empty calories that if not on a regular fitness plan only store in your body. Most of what you need can easily be gained by diet, and I would speak to a nutritionalist on what you can do to naturally to achieve the body you want. Supplement should only be taken when there is something your body cannot seem to absorb by natural means, and only a doctor is going to be able to tell you what that is by way of a physical. Talk to a doctor, and lay off the supplements if you were near 30 yrs (where persons motabolism starts to dip) I would tell you something different.

  2. motown_annie says

    PLEASE DO NOT TAKE ANY SUPPLEMENTS WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF YOUR FAMILY DOCTOR. Just because they are “over the counter” and/or “Natural” doesn’t mean they are good 4 you. Hurricanes are natural, and we know all about those now , unfortunately. One of my best buddies and favorite people is a family doctor, and she said that nutrients are better absorbed by the body when they are consumed in their natural form-whole food.

    Even though you are very close, if not completely matured emotionally @ 17 or 18 ( and a great many perfectly normal young people take a little longer to mature emotionally, too…I didn’t consider myself a card carrying woman until I was 24 – I was just a slow bloomer) your physical being is still adolescent until at least 25, so you must be ever diligent to consume only the highest quality food, drink, and vitamin supplements. I am wondering who told you thst you gained more fat than muscle while using whey protein and exercise…I took nutrition in college, and that doesn’t seem to ring true. If you are still in high school, there should be a school nutritionist who would be delighted to guide you. If not, a consultation with an independant nutritionist should not be too expensive, and would certainly be worth every penny.

    Beware of free consultations with nutritionists who work for consumer diet programs, such as J___Y C___G. I worked for such a program, and while we were called nutritionists, the only nutritional training we got was training on how great the program we were required to sell was. We wore nurses unis and were to allow people to believe that we were highly trained, but, in actuality, the “Nurse” that owned the franchise had lost her liscense to nurse for selling phen-fen after it was made illegal in our state (our state was among the first to ban it), my manager was a stay at home Mom who could not adequately define what a calorie was, and I am an investigative radio reporter who was looking for a part time job, had succeeded @ losing the weight, and believed in these 2 women in the beginning.

    I saw my boss, the woman who couldnt define calorie, sell super-expensive programs to at least 1 young lady to admitted to being previously admitted to a special hospital for anorexia 3 years prior. (According to our records, she needed to lose 3 pounds, and they grifted her for 500 dollars, plus the price of “protien supplements” which cost a minimum of 10 dollars a day.)Upon investigation, I discovered that the supplements were nothing but flavored dried egg-white protien. Indeed, they were tastier than egg whites, but the price mark – up was far higher than I could calculate, and not nearly as effectively absorbed and used by the body. When women (and almost,if not all, of our clients were women) hit a weight loss plateau, (which is normal, and if you ride it out and do not get upset about it and give up, you will find that you will wake up in a few days and notice 3-5 lbs gone, without you having done anything but stick to your program), we were to chastise them and encourage (read BULLY) the woman into doubling her supplement intake, which really only made her wallet thinner.

    I was physically assaulted by my “boss” when I told an 80 year old woman who needed to lose less than 10 lbs that I would not sell her a program until she saw her doctor to medically clear her for our program.

    I did not work 4 J.C. I worked for a business that had the word “Physicians” in it. There was no physician or medically trained professional licensed to practice medicine on the premesis.

    Having a support group while losing unwanted pounds has been shown to help people lose exponentially more weight than people who go it alone. Just pick a program who teaches you how to eat real. whole foods, like you must for the rest of your life. Weight Watchers is a perpetual success story, I have friends who swear by Curves, and I love Overeaters Anonymous – in part because it is free, but also because it has improved my life in all its parts, not just my weight. I am a better person having been overweight and worked a good OA program with the help of a loving sponsor than I would have been having never had a problem with food.

    I didn’t mean to be this wordy, but your long term health can and will be affected by choices you make now. Don’t join anything, or start any eating program, without the knowledge and consent of your doctor. And remember, you are beautiful now, and will always be beautiful. Your biggest goal is to add glowing health to that beauty.

    I have one last thing to add – sorry. but I think this is an important thing to know. If you and your Doctor do decide that , as an example, Jenny Craig is the best choice for you (and I tried it – Kirstie Alley doesn’t lie – Jenny’s food is YUMMERS) you will be asked to pay a program fee – this is the fee they charge you for the moral support and informational handouts they offer you. These extras certainly have merit, but the cost is negotiable – do not be afraid to ask for a reduced price, whether or not there is a sale being advertised. The food, at least in the programs I tried was tasty and convienient, but much more expensive than “real” food, so do not be afraid to ask for discounts when and where you can. An insider tip is to join with a buddy and ask for a 2 for one program fee. You’ll save money, plus people who diet with a friend are almost always more successful. There is 1 glaring exception to this rule…Ladies, never, EVER, take a male as a diet buddy, even if you are the best of friends or the definition of perfect lovers. Men ALWAYS lose weight quicker and with less effort than women. I guess it’s the price we pay for being the superior gender! LOL!

    IN closing (for reals this time) I just wanted to add that spell check didn’t seem to be working, so I hope you can read my typos!

  3. Bulldog 66 says

    Start with a good multivitamin, some flax seed, 100 % whey powder and do high repetition workouts with your weights in sets of three for that lean muscular look you want. At your age you should be able to do a high cardio workout to help melt that fat and increase your metabolism, but you should always check with your doctor first before beginning anything to strenuous. Drink a lot of water everyday and eat healthy foods with low fat or non fat content, whole grains and foods high in protein to help those muscles grow. Remember natural is the way to go and stay away from synthetic supplements that promise you the world with no results. Good luck.