1. s chauhan says

    Pranayams are very good , but always learn pranayama from a yoga teacher ,
    especially kapalabhati pranayama . In the initial stages it should not be
    done hard . And focus should be on exhaling the breath in short duration of
    time , like a sneeze come automatically , short exhaling of breath and
    focus on each breath exhaled , automatically the stomach contracts . This
    is kapalabhati pranayama , learn it from a teacher .It should be natural
    not forced.?

  2. 100001091057100001 1 says

    khazarS are pretending jews,

    and have dollor printing machinE

    and have magic techniques so called brainwshing sciencE?

  3. Creme' De La Creme' Interstellar Kriya Sciences says

    The only physiological function, which is both voluntary and involuntary,
    is breathing! Breathing can be controlled consciously by the mind, or it
    can be allowed to function automatically, like other physiological
    processes, such as digestion; under the control of the body. Breathing is
    thus, an important bridge, between the mind and the body; and influences
    them both! The process of respiration, in which oxygen is inhaled into the
    living cells; and carbon-dioxide is exhaled from them, is a fundamental
    phenomenon of life, which is universally present, in every type of living
    organisms. The nervous centers that, regulates rhythmic muscular
    contractions involved with breathing, are known as the medulla oblongata,
    which aids in the inhalation; and the Coiled up Kundalini serpent power
    that pushes the life force or the upward air vertically. Respiration is a
    continuous requirement for obtaining an adequate supply of oxygen! And good
    health & vitality isn’t possible without a sufficient quantity of oxygen by
    deep, breathing, we draw energy from the Universal Supply… the unlimited
    reservoir of life force! All of the trillions of cells depends upon the
    satisfactory working condition of the respiratory system for their entire
    needs of energy! This Kundalini is the life force of every living being!
    Everything material or immaterial are framed by its supreme power. It is
    the same power which is stretched from the great toe to the very vertex
    (Crown Chakra). All possible sounds, touches, beauties, tastes, smells et
    cetera, are performed by this, originating from the top of the spinal cord.
    This Kundalini (mother power) stretches its tributaries everywhere in the
    body. Thus, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every “Word” (Pranic
    Energy Lifetrons Lightrons Particles), that proceeds through, the mouth of
    God the (Medulla Oblongata chemical change, and is manifested by an
    accumulation of electrons on an atom or body, constituting a corresponding
    positive charge; an electrical current, etc. Algae is a group of plants
    (subkingdom thallophytic) (a) one celled colonial or filamentous,
    containing chlorophyll and other pigments (especially red and brown) and
    having no true root, stem or leaf: algae are found in water or damp places,
    and includes rancid seaweed. Thallophytic is a young shoot; any of a sub-
    kingdom of none-vascular plants, showing no clear distinction of roots,
    stem or leaves, and not producing flowers or seeds: it includes bacteria,
    algae, fungi and lichens. Nitrogen is an colorless, odorless, tasteless
    gaseous chemical element, forming nearly four fifths of the atmosphere: it
    is a component of all living things: symbol, N; at wt. at 14.0067; the
    nitrogen cycle is a natural process through which atmospheric nitrogen is
    converted by nitrogen fixation and nitrification into compounds used by
    plants and animals in the formation of proteins and is eventually returned
    by decay and gentrification, to its original state. Amino acids” are a
    group of nitrogenous organic compounds that serve as units of structure of
    the proteins, and are essential to human metabolism. Enzymes are any of
    various protein-like substances, formed in plant and animal cells that, act
    as organic catalyst in, initiating or speeding up specific chemical
    reactions, and that usually become inactive or unstable at high
    temperatures. The “thalamus gland” is a mass of gray matter forming the
    lateral walls of the “dienephalon” (the posterior end of the forebrain in
    vertebrates) and involved in the transmission and integration of certain
    sensations. According to physiology, there lies thalamus at the top of the
    “limbic system” in front of the “pineal gland”. Thalamus regulates the
    interaction of our senses and motor activity, which are caused by ida and
    pingali in yogic terms. Thalamus is also the main center which regulates
    the pre-frontal cortex which includes the left and right hemisphere of the
    brain, which again, are the domains of Ida and Pingali. It also controls
    “hypothalamus” responsible for integrating and expressing emotions… and
    regulating the “endocrine glands”. “Cerebellum is also under the control of
    thalamus, which is helpful in controlling movement. To sum it up, the
    thalamus integrates thought, senses, emotions and action. It also
    recognizes pain and is responsible for squeezing and contracting muscles
    and joints in such situations. An important point here is that, the region
    between the eye-brows are vitally important since “Ajna Chakra” is situated
    just behind it. In yogic terms, Ajna is the center of command. Both
    functions of ida (sense and emotions) and both functions of pingali (motor
    and intellect), are found to meet here. In physiological terms the “high
    tension electric line” is charged here, and this has long been known as the
    central nadi “Shushumna” (center passage of the spinal column) in yogic
    terms. Ajna is the meeting point of ida, pingali and Shushumna. It is the
    most important chakra, and yogis advise concentration on it with chanting
    of mantras, so that once Ajna is Kundalini refers to that dormant power in
    the human organisms which lies at the root of the spinal column. The word
    Kundalini, in Sanskrit means “coil” and so Kundalini has been referred to
    as that which is coiled. However, the word kunda also refers to the skull
    cavity, in which the brain lies. The dissection of the human brain reveals
    that it resembles a snake coiled upon it. The purpose of Kriya Kundalini
    Yoga is to awaken this Kundalini energy that requires much preparation and
    exercises involving postures, mundras (psycho-physical gestures), bandhas
    (muscular locks), Pranayama (breathing), meditation and mantras. When the
    aspirant, is able to purify and balance certain subtle channels of energy,
    known as the ida and pingala nadis, in the spinal column, and gradually
    ignite the kundalini energy, at the base of the spine; it begins to rise up
    through the central channel in the spinal column (Shushumna nadi). As it
    rises, it passes through various psycho-energetic chakras. These chakras
    are inter-connected with different dormant areas of the brain. As the
    kundalini passes through the chakras, these dormant areas of the brain and
    all of our latent faculties and divine potentialities are awakened! The 18
    Siddhas have referred to kundalini, just awakening and difficult to
    control, as the Goddess “Kali Devi”. In modern psychological terms this
    primal energy manifests at the level of the human subconscious. When this
    kundalini power can be controlled, and when it brings peace and beatitude,
    this has been referred to by the Siddhas as Durga, the Beautiful Goddess
    Riding on a Tiger. Kundalini when awakened manifests itself as creative
    energy, at different levels of refinement. She is then worshipped in
    various forms of Divine Mother. When kundalini is fully awakened, all
    dormant areas of the brain senses and an ego that separates us from one
    another (this is our lower selves working at its best!): and yet, we are
    ever fused together in this time space continuum! So we go against nature
    and its natural tendencies to be perfect and correct! We cry out “I’m only
    human”! And “We’re just ordinary people; we don’t know which way to go!
    Take it slow”! Take it slow hell! Time is up Jack! Ordinary people my foot!
    You’re all God’s children! The breath is the phenomena that entangles us to
    the body!
    The breath is both involuntary and voluntary! It flows naturally, of its
    own accord and we can manipulate it, for optimum health and for even high
    purposes; thus sending the Self into an Altered State of Consciousness!
    A state of consciousness where the mind and the soul transcends, the
    confines of the body, ego and the senses! And all is left is a Soothing
    Calmness Bliss; and you are Comforted! And when we combine the Breath with
    the Will And Visualize’ your Kundalini raise up, the Central Channel of the
    Spine (Shushumna) and raise the Ghee Prana of the lower psychic centers to
    the higher Centers (Chakras) and visualize that creative intelligent life
    force raise up, the Spine! And see it circle the Heart Charka
    on up to the Medulla Oblongata and that Pranic Energy, that has been
    charged by the breath becomes Cosmic and Spiritualized Energy! Now send
    that Constant Flow of Energy to the Brow Chakra and then to the Crown
    Chakra, at the top of the head: this completes the Holy Trinity!
    The breath, the stillness and the techniques; this is where you come to
    hear the Roar of the Mighty Rivers! You have just been led, “Beside the
    Still Waters” Where your Soul may be rightly restored! Now Synchronize the
    Breath, with the First Words that was “Spoken by Brahma/Atma”, the “First
    SUBMIT TO THEE!!! He said “Om Na Ma Si Va Ya” Om Namah Shivaya Shivaya
    Namah Aum Om Namah Shivaya Shivaya Namah Aum: do this “Divine and Supreme
    Love Chant” With the Mighty Rhythm of your Breath! (As instructed in the
    later pages of this work): then you will reach God quicker! Enjoy the Bliss
    of the Journey, my Friends; if these Stones have set your feet firmly upon
    the “Path” and if you should reach, the Abode of The Heavenly Father and
    His Heavenly Divine Hosts of Saints, before I do… let “Them” know that I
    sent you! And I too Am on my way to The Blessings of “Their Grace” And give
    all Praises to “Them” alone! But suffering is a prerequisite to evolution!
    So don’t despair too much. The Masters says to forgive ourselves and
    forgive one another.

  4. Mikeydo says

    These are meant to be done sitting on the ground. It would be dangerous to
    do them in a chair ;)

  5. Rani La Rue says

    This made me sweat a little… I do breathing exercises every single day,
    and I am joyous now that I can broaden my breathing range even further. I
    will practice these everyday when I awake in the morning. Thank you oh so