1. Vasanth Parimalan says

    I am really sorry to post such a comment here,
    The art of living is a NGO you may probably know that and the amount you
    contribute even for the dvd is utilized for a very good cause,
    So please get the dvd from and let your money
    speak for a good cause.
    please do not encourage these kind of sharing.
    Jai Guru Dev.?

  2. Oss Delmar says

    Thank You for posting this. This really helps to maintain the priceless
    lessons of the Art of Living. I so wish the Kriya was also available
    somewhere too.?

  3. Oss Delmar says

    Naveen Kumar, there is NO CD available at Art of Living what are you
    talking about? If Art of living wasn’t so secretive and obscure about how
    to follow up with the beauty of its teachings maybe its loyal followers
    wouldn’t have to latch on to such unofficial sources for update. ?

  4. Naveen Kumar says

    If You had bought and done pranayam it would have helped you and many rural
    people because the money from this cd would have gone to rural development
    program from ART of Living. Stop Piracy