Piles (Hemorrhoids) Treatment – Ayurveda Herbs Natural Remedies (Hindi)

Looking for Piles (Hemorrhoids) treatment at home? 3 Best remedies to treat piles (hemorrhoids) and get permanent relief. What is Piles (Hemorrhoids)? When s…


  1. gagandeep sandhu says

    sir jab main toilet jata ho tab kuch hissa bahar a jata hain and kabi dard
    v hota hain lekin blood nahi aata. kya j piles hai.Sir please reply so i
    can start these remidies.?

  2. Angela J. Kimes says

    In order to permanently cure your hemorrhoids, you must get rid of the root
    cause your trouble.?

  3. shaik Naseer says

    how many days I will get out of it..i feel gelous at the time of stool
    pass it piles or not?

  4. athmeta bagley says

    Stop Suffering from the terrible itching and burning down there! Let me
    walk you through the exact same step by step system I used to get rid of my
    6-year chronic hemorrhoids in less than 7 days and show you how I managed
    to prevent them from ever coming back.?

  5. Nellie Pado says

    Helpful Video! Statistics show that over 8.5 million people suffer from
    hemorrhoids…silently. Though the condition can cause near unbearable
    itching, burning, and pain, many people are too embarrassed to get help for
    the problem.?

  6. shaik Naseer says

    thanks sir,ya video ma three type wala nuksa bataya gaya kya tino nuksa
    daily use karna ya ek aur kitna din tak karna…please boliya

    thanks for remedies?

  7. ?????? ???? ?????? says

    thanks again,I get relief after your suggested treatment,can you please
    tell me after how many days I will get out of it…?