Oil Pulling & Tongue Scraping | BEST Ayurvedic Practices EVER

Oil pulling and tongue scraping are two of the best Ayurveda practices ever. Oil pulling and tongue scraping are two of the most easily accessible Ayurvedic …


  1. Happy Healthy Vegan says

    i just oil pulled with some coconut oil for the first time today. i only
    did it for 5 minutes though; need to work my way up. i used to religiously
    use the tongue scraper every morning, but i’ve been lazy for the past year.
    but last week, i started back up. ?

  2. BC Eydt says

    I use my tongue scraper before I go to sleep. Is that not optimal? Tried
    the coconut oil this morning and hope for the best.?

  3. missmagnoliabird says

    Tongue scrapping I know about and kind of do sometimes and will make a
    daily practice now.
    However, not so oil pulling – I just smoosh a mouthful of oil around in my
    mouth? Twice when I have had a really sore dry mouth I sucked on a spoonful
    of coconut oil and it was so soothing. Just smoosh around in there for 20

    And definitely with the water pipes – if you use coconut at least :o)?

  4. Vegan M says

    I have been doing the tongue scraper often night and morning for many years
    and am hooked, but never tried the oil pulling! Will have to try that
    thanks for the suggestion :-)

    My father was on oral surgeon and researcher/professor of dentistry. He
    also recommended in conjunction with flossing to use a water pic. After
    flossing it sprays out anything extra giving additional cleaning and
    sterilization, massages the gums and feels great. If you never tried it
    you will love it. Further my dad and a team made the discovery that
    bacteria that live between the teeth/gums can also live in the heart muscle
    causing tissue decay. They migrate from the gums, into the bloodstream and
    end up in the heart. So oral health is directly tied to coronary health!?

  5. meccaindigoful says

    One helpful tip with oil pulling is to spit the oil in the trash to prevent
    clogged water pipes;)?