1. Charles Daussin says

    There’s so much wrong with this. Just because people throughout history
    used it does not mean it was safe, effective, and efficient. Life science?
    Isn’t that biology? Perhaps not. How does gargling oil ‘balance your
    entire system?’ Taste meeting organ reflexes? This is like acupuncture?
    I think not. Oil does not ‘extract certain properties’ of anything!
    When you add a liquid lipids (oil) to something like glues, adhesives,
    waxes, etc. the lipids loosen up the other lipids found in the adhesives.

    Saying that it works well doesn’t make it so. What scientific study has
    been done on this? Or is this merely a placebo effect? Research has been
    done? Where and by whom? Too many questions and not enough answers.

    I have a better answer, mouthwash…..swish and gargle for 30 seconds.
    Kills bacteria that causes plaque and gingivitis, science been done. It
    sounds like this is merely the ancient version of teeth and mouth cleaning.
    Nothing more. Gums DO recede due to bacteria build up so obviously
    eliminating the bacteria will cause the gums to come back some. There’s
    nothing hocus-pocus about it.?

  2. Sandra Conway says

    I’m interest in oil pulling, but my cheeks become tired after 20 minutes of
    oil swishing because of my anemia. I have muscle fatigue. Perhaps, I’ll
    just do it for less than 20 minutes. Thank you for the interesting video!?

  3. samysam1313 says

    I listen to a lot of alternative media but this is something I never heard
    of. I read the comments and some say they lost their fillings. I have a lot
    of those. Would like to try this but don’t want to loose my fillings.?

  4. Christopher Kay says

    As soon as you mention Deepak Chopra, it’s like a warning signal going off
    in any rational person’s brain: WARNING BULLSHIT ALERT! ?

  5. Donna Chesser says

    Hi miss Mary Jo!! I used coconut oil ( unrefined) and to my surprised my
    teeth were whiter wow!! Also I didn’t know that oil pulling is to get rid
    of toxin!! I subbed! Wish you was my doc.. I have good insurance?????????????????????

  6. Joel McCoy says

    I have an issue with having overly active saliva glands. I start oil
    pulling and within seconds my mouth is more full of saliva than with oil.
    What do you suggest for that? Should I keep spitting out the saliva/oil
    mixture and replace it every few minutes? Or is it ok having all that
    saliva in the oil with it??

  7. hotice65 says

    Hmm… 15-20 minutes? Oil is a non-polar substance able to saponify
    bacteria just like regular hand soap (create pockets around it to entrap
    bacteria and the toxins they produce). Therefore, the chemical nature of
    the substance used and the mechanical movement of “swishing” for 15-20
    minutes would most probably result in the removal of the multiple colonies
    of microbial organisms formed overnight. However, I would also presume that
    if one were to “swish” mouthwash for 15-20 minutes, the outcomes would be
    similar. Some minor corrections: any lipid substance requires specialized
    transport systems in cells and many processes before hand (such as micelle
    formation) in order to get into the body. Therefore, lipids will not be
    able to feed into the sublingual capillaries as you have suggested. If they
    did, then you would be providing Cardiologists with a lot of business,
    because those veins run right into the heart really quickly (which is why
    we administer sublingual nitro in angina or suspected MI). Also, although
    some have suggested that it helps with knee pain, that is not yet proven
    scientifically. I am not disproving such causal associations, but there are
    multiple explanations for such analgesia. For example, rheumatoid arthritis
    improves with activity, osteoarthritis improves with rest, etc. ?

  8. MsLinda412 says

    I’ve been doing it for about 3 months and I love it. Got thyroid problem
    and this really helps. I use coconut oil… Try it! Thanks for the video.?

  9. Katie H says

    Seems like I read somewhere (maybe on Facebook) that oil pulling helped
    with acid reflux…any truth to that??

  10. Ricky Williams says

    My only question is, how would ANYONE, hold ANYTHING in their mouth for 20
    minutes? Then the salt wash/gargle, then the tongue scraper; and then do it
    2-3 times a day? Seems like a lot of work to me so I’m sticking with crack

  11. Allison Pehrson says

    I’ll try anything for this pain and to save this tooth. You say “after
    salt water gargle, to brush” MY QUESTION: BRUSH WITH WHAT? Toothpaste,
    salt, baking soda, what??

  12. Brandon Veracka says

    Me, the typical skeptic, is going to try this. I’ve often avoided holistic
    remedies because I’m often told by the professionals, with their fancy
    framed diplomas, that holistic medicine is outdated and archaic compared to
    “professional” medicine. However, I am completely at a loss to understand
    why my teeth continue decaying, despite brushing & flossing regularly; I’ve
    got cavities galore! I’m going to get them filled in a few days, but I want
    to do whatever I can to prevent another cavity. I love the taste of olive
    oil, so, let the trials begin!?

  13. armadillotoe says

    Just my opinion, BUT I believe that plaque, and the film that deposits on
    your teeth may be oil soluble. Many of the bacteria in you mouth may be
    hydrophyllic. (water loving) “Oil pulling” may kill some of the bacteria
    in your mouth, it certainly makes you teeth feel very clean. There are
    studies that link bacteria in the mouth to heart disease, and other
    problems. Reducing the bacterial load, would seem to be a good thing. The
    theory that the oil turning white proves that it removes toxins from your
    blood, is not what is going on. The mechanical action of swishing saliva,
    and oil is forming an emulsion. The rest is good ole’ placebo effect. I
    think the practice is great for keeping your teeth, and mouth clean, but
    don’t expect any miracle cures.?