New Badger Brush and Mike’s Natural Shaving Soap

Very quick daily safety razor shave with a new badger brush! I decided to give this new Badass Shaving Brush a try and it performed great – not loads of backbone, but very soft and really whipped…


  1. Steve Davidson says

    When are you going to respond to Anthony Esposito’s straight razor request?
    Oh Soap Commander also has a new bay rum out called “purpose”.?

  2. Glutton4Punishment says

    Not sure if you’ve heard this, but I’ve heard the concept of “blooming” can
    actually diminish the usefulness of a soap. Particularly with soaps
    containing lanolin like Mike’s, oils get drawn out of the soap from the
    blooming process so the performance of the soap diminishes as you work
    through it due to the regular “blooming” pulling out the fat onto the top
    surface from what I understand.?

  3. Dave Otto says

    Nick, I use the same method with Mike’s soaps but I think they work better
    with a boar brush. Try your SOC followed by a short pre-soak and see how
    you like that. I’m not asking for a review, only offering a suggestion for
    sometime when the camera isn’t running.?

  4. blairean says

    Am yet to encounter a stinky brush, I have several badgers and a couple
    boars. I’m either lucky or have some olfactory condition. Or, eek, I bought
    some dodgy brushes.?

  5. Kaden Christensen says

    Great review! Sorry to hear about that darn flat tire! Glad you still got
    to go out. Keep the videos coming!

  6. Paul O says

    Nice quickie before work.
    I might wait until after work tomorrow so i got a little more hair to
    shave. ?

  7. Heath C says

    I think I may have an issue with my new badger brush. When I soaked it in
    water, before lathering, it turned the water a shade of brown. It also shed
    quite a bit. Is this normal? I’m in my baby steps to this method of

  8. Justin C says

    Hey Nick, great video as always. How would you rate the iKon Shavecraft 102
    Slant to the Merkur 37c in terms of aggressiveness? I apologize if you
    answered this previously as it may be a common question. Thanks.?

  9. Thomas Myers says

    holy crap nick i about spit my pop all over the place when you said the
    brush had a little bit of stink in it. i was not expecting that and it just
    got me laughing! have you seen the new double open comb from phoenix
    accoutrements? I’ve got it in the mail and can’t wait to try it out.?

  10. Robert S. says

    I’m puzzled by your post shave routine in these last couple of videos. Why
    are you mixing a scented balm with an aftershave splash??