Natural Homemade Hair Softener

Watch how you can soften your hair at home using natural ingredients available in your kitchen! Check other awesome ### NATURAL HOME REMEDIES ### videos: A. …


  1. Crystal Marie says

    Loving the videos. Very helpful and tomorrow I will be trying some of
    these remedies. Thank you for sharing!!?

  2. Deep Lalwani says

    iam having hair hair becoz of using underground water can u suggest me some
    solution for making it a bit soft ?

  3. Simran Chahal says

    My hair r vry damaged n rough due to straightening…they’ve lost shine
    too…how many times i hace to repeat it to mke my hair sft n shiny …????

  4. Susmitaq fairy says

    Amazing vedio…i tried the fenugreek seeds going to try the
    banana mask…btw my hair was cut in volums.but now i want to enlarge my i have a lot splits ends…can u give me any

  5. Bachri Fatima Ezzahra says

    for how long should we do this treatment (i mean the periode a mounth or
    always) ? thank you :)?