Natural Hair Oil Recipe for Hair growth,Damaged hair and Dandruff treatment

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  1. ethernityof gothicage says

    hey cutie ,, i think boiling the green mixture makes it loose the enzymes
    and cause degredation of the active ingredients . thanx alot :*?

  2. Clarisa Patterson says

    FROM THESE BEAUTIFUL NATURAL INGREDIENTS.. You are using a dead mixture on
    your hair..?

  3. Hidaya900Z says

    my hair used to be so thick and long before but i was so stupid to dye it
    more than once and bleach it then i started losing a lot of hair and my
    hair got damaged so had to cut like half of it , i really want some advices
    from you if there is any way to get my old hair back ill be so thankful too
    if u can help me , and thank you :)?

  4. Maribel Soler says

    I saw your video for the first time and dose this really work course I
    would want to try it?

  5. Lori Anderson says

    *A newly revised publication entering the hair-loss and restoration market
    is the Hair Loss Black Book created by Nigel Thomas, which promises to help
    sufferers reverse the effects of losing hair using the latest natural hair
    growth remedies to achieve lasting growth. Hair loss is categorized by hair
    thinning, poor hair quality, hair shedding, or bald areas. A common cause
    relates to a condition known as hereditary hair loss, which impacts about
    85 million people in the United States. In general, thinning hair is rarely
    related to internal or systemic disease, nor is a poor diet a known cause.*?

  6. Amrin Zakura says

    I have a lot of dandruff and i am scared to change my shampoo (Pantene
    Total Damage Care)
    can someone please help me??

  7. concerned11 says

    PROPECIA causes PERMANET IMPOTENCE in most men that use it !!! Merck is
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    There are several CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS against Merck and the FDA has
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    Most honest doctors are no longer prescribing this drug, only
    corrupt-doctors who get kickbacks from Merck continue to recommend it. If
    you have hairloss, just shave your head. That’s it ! Don’t destroy your
    life by going on FINASTERIDE !!!?

  8. Jewel Nail says

    Hi Dear, my hair is really damaged and breaking due to the hair color and
    highlight.. They have become very weak. Can you share with me any best home
    remedies? Thanks a lot.?

  9. Nnenna Ogbuzulu says

    pls did not get the other item you listed after the Aloe vera and how do i
    get them here in Nigeria tnx.?

  10. pranitha prani says

    hai your remedy is good bt I have a dbt
    shall I apply direct or adding anyother oil cn u tell me?

  11. Ezekiel David says

    Is this for the scalp only? How long do you leave it on your hair? How
    frequent do you apply it??

  12. Bibhu Prasad Das says

    Hi, hope u will be fyn. frnd i was using sesa oil few months ago but now i
    am not using it as it is not available in UAE. And now i am having a huge
    hair loss, i mean its around 100 per day, i had a very thick and dense hair
    but now i can see my scalp. Its also very difficult to make the oil here in
    UAE, m going to india after three months so i prefer to make it in india,
    but what i am really concerned about is that does this oil helps in re
    growth of hair, if yes please reply quickly.?

  13. I Yusra says

    I mean i have heard of the benefits of fresh onions added in hair oil,but
    cooking them and putting them in hair will they work for good,m really
    curious,please do reply
    Love !

    P.S it really smells frjed onions,urgh,is that DANGEROUS ??

  14. gioia thomas says

    but how many times to you apply it and how LONG do you leave it in for
    GUYS!!?? ?

  15. amazingvideo says

    hello guys plz help me my hair is strongly fall how to growth hair already
    i used natural hair oil but not good result?