NATURAL HAIR | DIY $3 Black Soap Shampoo

Natural Hair Diy Black Soap Shampoo and Body Wash PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION!!!! :-) African Black Soap Shampoo Mix is sulfate free! My hair loves this stuff! I…


  1. She'kia Renea says

    Want to see a cheap healthy way to shampoo your hair using Black Soap?
    Check this out! ?

  2. Jennifer Anastas says

    100% pure argan oil in argan life product is not only rich in vitamin E,
    but it also contains around 80% omega 3 and omega 9 unsaturated fatty acids
    that provides nutrition to hair. And more…?

  3. Tywan Brown says

    Hi Chica, I have eczema on my face, (in the T-zone area where most people
    are oily I’m dry because of my eczema) and I have been using raw african
    black soap on my face (only at night) for almost 2 wks now; I had a flare
    up ughhhhh. I know you have stated that you also have eczema have you tried
    the soap in your face? It does make the skin very clean and can be a little
    drying (thus the reason I only use it at nite) but I just follow up with my
    toner and moisturizer and it’s fine.. ?