Namaste Yoga 47: Special Series on the Ayurvedic Dosha: Pitta Join us for the third in a series of yoga classes on the Ayurvedic Doshas. This class is cooling, relaxing, surrendering, forgivin…


  1. Kahley Montez says

    Thanks! I’ll have to check out you wedsite and the membership :) I’d love
    to, if i can’t afford it now i will definatly be joining at some point in
    the future! OH! & I’m writting that guys name down! I’m excited. My
    boyfriend is a Double Dosha Vatta-Pitta. It’s pretty funny considering I’m
    totally pitta with my drive and burn to make stuff happen where he is
    totally calm and collected. It’s fun to see how we all work in each other’s
    lives. But yes, yoga is my life’s practice. :) Namaste, Kahely

  2. Kahley Montez says

    So in the breathing exersize I found that my ribs became really cool,
    almost cold. And to answer the question at the end I think it connects to
    my life in terms of my need to step back and cool off. I often find my core
    to be the hottest part of my body, even if my limbs are freezing. My torso
    and stomach are always really warm and heated. So I think I need to pay
    more attention to that area when I find myself getting worked up or
    irritated or even angry. Thank you I learned alot Namaste, Kahley

  3. Melissa West says

    Love Kerry’s weekly challenges on the membership site David! :) I’ve often
    said as a culture we are quite driven and if you had to define our culture
    as a dosha it would be pitta. I’m laughing about how yoga makes you feel
    better even though it hurts sometimes. Could be a cool(ing) experiment to
    try doing something you normally do fast slower one day! ;) Namaste _/\_

  4. Marietta Chilton says

    I had to do this class twice to be able to experience the cool to quench
    the fire in my body. I’m exactly like Kahley with cold extremities while my
    torso and stomach are on fire; this frustrates me more often than I care to
    count. I want to bring equilibrium to my life. I’m in this constant rush to
    accomplish “things” forgetting all about me, my soul and my spirit. I have
    to stop placing so much emphasis on outer things since it distances me from
    bringing my yoga into my life. Namaste!

  5. Melissa West says

    lol! I would have to agree with you! You are total pitta Jenn – so
    ambitious the way you tackle projects! ;) Love how cooling this practice
    was for you :) Love, Melissa

  6. David Aang says

    Done this as a part of our weekly challenge. And once again, even though i
    didn’t even expect it, it was the right class for my day! I must be Pitta,
    as even though i am OK with it, i always work hard, or at least i’m trying.
    Today was a day. I like work as the time flies and i’m not getting bored as
    others:) But i should really get into slower pace sometimes. But Yoga, YOUR
    Yoga Melissa always makes me feel better.Event though it hurts sometimes.
    Namaste _/\_

  7. Rave On Studio says

    I have to agree with David, it is always the perfect practice at the exact
    right time for me – I am all Pitta and I was actually chilly, cold nose and
    toes by the end of this – it was a fantastic practice – thank you Melissa!
    \,,,/ rockstar!