1. Wanderlust55 says

    Awesome video! I love tea! =) There is a brand called My Beauty Tea that is
    really yummy i made a video on it if you wanna check it out but its one of
    my favorite kinds of tea! Im not sure if its gluten free though…?

  2. Billionaires boys club says

    I received a ‘primo’ water dispenser as a gift so I have hot water on tap
    now, and I am really enjoying the tea iv’e tried so far. I would recommend
    to anyone who really enjoys tea or is a water enthusiast to buy a water
    dispenser. Cold and hot on tap. ?


    I am new to teas, I am trying to get out of my mom and i off of coffee… I
    was wonderig if anyone knew any strong things to wake you up in the
    morning? I weight lift in the mornings, thanks.?

  4. Happy Yellow says

    Some of my close relatives set up Numi tea, and they will really appreciate
    the support! Thankyou so much for mentioning it. :)?

  5. Ali W says

    u like this tea.. & that is what matters… but they are not my kind of
    thing. so many infusions etc… why are you even drinking tea anymore? you
    should be drinking juice or something. look at the packaging – it is a
    gimmick! I go to an old british tea shop in London. u can buy all of these
    old tea leaves from the empire days?

  6. Nimo Abdi says

    The minute you said you really dont add anything to your tea, but when you
    do its a coconut creamer in your Earl Grey You had me hooked!?

  7. flyon littlewing says

    I can’t believe I happened upon a video of yours that I had not seen yet.
    What a treat. Yogi Honey Lavender Stress Relief tea, my all time favorite!?

  8. theniggainthecloset says

    I’m trying to lose weight. Will the detox tea help with that. And will the
    throat coat tea help me sing better. ?

  9. rachel lee says

    the detox teas do not make you run to the restroom do they? im thinking
    about getting the detox teas. came across your channel and i have just

  10. Debbie Williams says

    so i just subscribed to your channel and am loving your video thanks and
    tea is great i love all kinds so more videos about distressing would be
    great but thanks for all the great tips?

  11. StarryEyedTiGeR says

    Really enjoyed this video! You should check out Kusmi teas; their teas are
    some of my favorites! :)?

  12. bflyrenee says

    You should do a video of all your entire tea collection, I really dislike
    all teas and am REALLY trying to like them and get into them lol any

  13. GoddessKate1 says

    Kundalini Yoga is also great with the tea <3 I love the music they have,
    so does Russel Brand ;-) My fav tea too?