Muscular .Dystrophy -Successful-treatment by acupressure , Ayurveda, Yoga

Treatment results of a Muscular Dystrophy patient by Acupressure Techniques.- videos taken [during treatment] on 05122009 and 10062010. Treatment commenced on 05102009. by Dr.Dhananjaya, …


  1. Picture Mania says

    Hi Bro Sorry fo Late Reply, Right Now My Age is 19 Year Old. Today i would
    like to tell more thing About Muscular dytrophy, I had Ducchene Muscular
    Dystrophy….and there are three other type’s of Muscular dystrophy.i don;t
    know much about that…..but now after finishing my leg muscle’s now My
    arms muscle’s are also going down day by day. The Only Solution that i have
    seen is only Excercise fo MD. when i stop excrcise my muscle go down very

  2. jaquot7 says

    Nice vid my boy, I’m very proud of you. Thank for yoour nice video, Best
    rgrads & cio! JJ

  3. Picture Mania says

    This is not a Treatment You idiot uploader. this is the situation when
    muscular dystrophy geting worst day by day. mostly this hapends in age
    between 10-15 and after that you are on wheel chair you can’t even
    stand….. I’m also a patient of Muscular Dystrophy. When I was about 12
    year’s old i walk like that and now I’m on wheel chair..sitting infront of
    Computer and finding miracle :)