MopTop Maven’s Healthy Hair Challenge Ayurvedic Hair Spritz… What not to do

Here is my “What not to Do” video on making the MopTop Maven’s Herbal Hair Spritz. The easiest way to do this is with coffee filters or with heat sealed tea …


  1. Cosmetically Challenged says

    Hi, I’m not sure what you mean by I make her look bad. I was just following
    her recipe on her site and I was showing how it didn’t work for. She may
    have different techniques that she uses that work for her using her exact
    recipes. I was in no way slandering her. If you go to her blog and read the
    comments under this recipe you will see that others have posted the same
    problems as me. Thanks for your comment and viewing. I’ll keep that in mind
    for next time.

  2. gorgeousbella7 says

    hey i really like your vid alot of what you said makes a lot of sense. i
    can see your method. just be careful on what you say and how your using her
    name bc im not sure if someone can sue you for slander. you kind of make
    her look bad on her lol and i dunno if that can be used as slander
    especially since your video title has her website name in it. anytime
    someone types in the mop top your vid pops up. so just becareful :) but i
    like your idea!