Mixing Bhringraj Ayurvedic Powder for Hair

A quick video on basic mixing of Bhringraj This video is also used in upcoming March 7, 2014 Recipe Challenge and Giveaway! Ends March 10, 2014 Submit your c…


  1. HennaSooq says

    To Annie as we’re having trouble replying directly for some reason…but
    you can google hair types and there are a lot of information online with
    visuals to help you determine your hair type. Some are hair type by your
    hair texture, and some are by if you’re hair is dry, oily or normal. This
    last one can be easily recognized because dry is dry and oily can get
    pretty oily :) normal is just right in between.

    For lightening your hair you can try honey and some use lemon juice. But a
    lot of lemon juice can also cause dryness and breakage so you have to be
    careful with its use. Otherwise lightening is not really the same degree of
    hair lightening as chemicals would do. It’s a shade down and it works for
    some, not everyone?

  2. Annie Tariq says

    What natural ingredient(s) would you apply for lightening hair? So going
    from brunnette to blonde?
    And how do you work out your hair type??