1. Joey Knowles says

    Thanks for the video Evan also because of the deal we made on the bst page.
    I’m now a huge Mike’s fan.?

  2. Johnny Petree says

    Evan, first saw your videos over on Razor & Brush on facebook. You are
    doing an excellent job young man. It is good to see the younger generation
    taking up the art of wet shaving.?

  3. Josh Luckeydoo says

    Nice job brother thanks for the options the only one I have now is the
    classic clubmen but it helps me decide what to buy next .. Keep it up sir ?

  4. castortroy365 says

    Huge fan of Mike’s soaps, I had to pay $24 postage to get 3 tins shipped to
    Australia, but worth every cent. Hungarian Lavender is my favourite. Great
    vid BTW?