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    Dear Dr Ksirsagar,In every field we incorporate psychological studies.For
    example in case of obesity After doing all studies we do consider behavior
    therapy,we do pay importance to Diet,Exercises. Recently i have read
    article on Obesity and ayurvedic drugsTo reduce Wt.In 26% cases It has
    produced Hepatic toxity.Severe enough to warrant liver transplant.Studies
    done in US.You are just Marketing Yoga and Herbs.I will not dare to take
    Herbs,after reading that article.

  2. TrueToTheLight says

    All the best to you and your wonderful school my dear friends and Light
    sisters/brothers!!!! Claudia :-))

  3. ramonalisa says

    @TheVisibleDentist I am wondering if the internet won’t make this even more
    possible, because you can put a donate button on your site and many people
    even us in the west are beginning to appreciate what real services look
    like and don’t mind donating to what we think benefits us. info can be
    double checked and thereby verifying your authenticity. If we don’t find
    the service personally valuable we don’t have to respond to the donate
    button. It also allows the poorest to use services. Namaste :)

  4. pvsreenath says

    Dear Dr Suhas, I am really really impressed with this channel and your
    presentations.I am sure your initiative on fine tuning Human life would be
    well recognized.Wish you and your Academy a great success .I am Sreenath
    Nambiar from Singapore and my new year resolution,is . set a target to live
    healthy for 90 years so then I would say I am Wealthy ! Do advise me if you
    are planning for a visit to Singapore for a presentation.Wish you and your
    family a great year ahead Sreenath Nambiar

  5. TheVisibleDentist says

    Your videos are very informative. Question please: Since traditional
    Ayurvedic practitioners rely upon voluntary payment for their services, how
    do you propose integration with Western society where values are quite