1. Surya Arvind says

    Sir please answer my doubt regarding kapalbhati
    In kapalbhati we are just throwing air out which is present in our lungs
    and stomach with force, and our nothing else??

  2. paras tandon says

    sanson ko bahar chodna aur andar sehaj aane dena is correct method ,feeling
    refreshed after trying this . exhale and let air come in naturally and
    exhale and let air come in naturally and so on -correct method of

  3. vinay patil says

    You can perform it 2 hours before dinner or 2 hours after dinner and it
    should be performed not more than 5-10 min.

  4. abraxas444 says

    Kapalaphati if you do to much or wrong way can hurt you badly and even kill
    you !!! It is powerful but not for everybody.

  5. bluewooter says

    Dear Vinay, When is the best time to practive Kapalbhati? Morning is not a
    good time for me as family has to get ready. Can this be done at night
    around 9 pm? Please reply in detail. Hope to hear from you soon.

  6. gvbhdghdf says

    yoga is powerful, it can transform one’s life. take one’s life to the
    highest possibility. if it is done incorrectly many negative thing can