How to make your own organic soap that has no added harmful ingredients (including no LYE)

Here is what you will need… 2 cooking pots (1 smaller then the other) for a double boiler. measuring cup, spoons, spatula Soap mold 2 cups organic glycerin…


  1. Barnone11970 says

    Fokbf s : Thank you for your question and to be honest, I am sad to admit I
    don’t know how to edit videos and what I can suggest is watch others and
    incorporate what I do in mine to make them even better. All you are really
    doing is melting the ingredients then mixing them together then pouring
    them into molds, it is really quite easy :). It just takes extra time if
    you want them to last much longer then how many videos show you :).?

  2. Megan Schafer says

    Normal soap uses lye but doesn’t have lye in the finished product; that
    includes your organic glycerin soap base – it used lye. I feel like your
    title is misleading.?

  3. J'adore Keesh says

    First soaping making video that I have found that was straight to the
    point, easy to understand, and easy to follow the directions.( I have
    watched a lot of videos with Lye but I was determined to not use lye). l
    have subscribed and appreciate you taking the time to make the video. I can
    not wait to start making my own soap!!?

  4. Magalys Rivera says

    I just made your soap recipe with ALL ORGANIC PRODUCTS and all my family
    and friends are in awe! My son and friend have eczema and they are shocked
    how good it feels! Thanks for sharing!!!?

  5. Mary Chrapliwy says

    Thanks for posting this. I know, as one commenter said, that even soap base
    was made with lye, still, I won’t be handling any lye making your soap.
    Anything that requires goggles, heavy gloves, and heavy aprons probably
    shouldn’t be used in the house. I’m glad you provided a recipe for how to
    make your own soap without starting from scratch with lye. This soap also
    sounds like it will be great to use.?

  6. Melanie EARTH8 says

    I love how you have the recipe below, it makes it so much more easier than
    rewinding ant jotting down the measurements etc…
    Although, what if I wanted to replace the avacodo oil with palm kernel oil?
    How much would I use.

    I’m making my first batch this weekend. I got a Shea butter glycerin base,
    palm kernel oil, olive and cocunut oil?


    someone in your comments section said that there is lye in your glycerine
    soap base. is that true??

  8. Grace Love says

    thank you. love it. just one comment. your vegan friendly soap says it
    contains lanolin. Lanolin is not vegan. thanks again. fantastic to have
    found you!?

  9. Andy M says

    M&P soap (your soap base) has lye!! It’s already saponified into the base.
    There a no such thing as “lye free” soap.
    No lye, no soap.?


    how do you keep it liquid? i only use liquid soap. its gross to use bar
    soap. cause when you use it after somebody else has used it, it has their
    dirt on it. which is disgusting to me. ?

  11. sanlynn36 says

    Questions: Should the bowls and stirring spoon be dedicated solely to soap
    making or can they be washed out and used for food? If you have more soap
    than molds can it be reheated to use at a later time? Or do you need to use
    it all at once? Is there a way to know how much soap ingredeints to use for
    x-ounces of molds? Many thanks. Loved your video and looking forward to
    trying this.?

  12. Miss desire Independance says

    Thanks enjoyed the video. Trying to live an organic life and save cash.
    This video comes in handy?

  13. Darlene Hobbs says

    I loved your video, where do you get the ingredience from??? Is there lye
    in it..

  14. celiasukching tam says

    hi. I am very new of this. I would love to make some soap .but I don’t know
    how to make the soap last longer. can you help me. let me know how to do
    it. my English not very good. I have trouble to listen .hope you can give
    me a message. so I can understand better. thank you.?

  15. A Fajardo says

    Great video but I think your lighting is too dark. It be better if I can
    see your face clearly while you talk. Or…is it my computer that’s dark??

  16. Sabrine Poyser says

    I absolutely love your video!!!! It was extremely informative. I would like
    to ask which company you bought your organic glycerin soap base and your
    shea butter from if you don’t mind me asking? I would really appreciate it.?

  17. carolyn alleyne says

    I like your video get information that you have shared. I been looking for
    a video that has no lye in the soap. Question can you give me the website
    to where I can purchase the organic glycerin soap? Thank you?

  18. Raz K. Allen says

    Hey Barnone, great informative video. can you reveal the vendor for the
    organic glycerin soap base? I have searched and only found the melt and
    pour which all have lye in them. Also, is there a glycerin soap base that
    you know about without soy( for my soy sensitive clients) Thanks again for
    sharing your earth and body healthy knowledge. I really appreciate it.
    Peace! Raz?