How to Make Pet Soap {using natural essential oil blend}

Week 39 of Soaping101 and we are making cold process all natural pet soaps with essential oils. Supplies:


  1. Marilyn Paisley says

    Love this video Kathy, Muffin is going to enjoy her bath times with this
    lovely pet soap, thanks for sharing :)?

  2. mukwah1111 says

    Thank you so much Catherine for so kindly donating the proceeds from this
    soap to Riley County HS in honour of Miss Wetta. They are an amazing
    organization that is dedicated to all of the animals in need. Often
    overwhelmed by their numbers. Fundraising is always such a challege for
    animals. Wetta will be smiling down from heaven & rifling thru the bars
    with her nose to check it all out. Always curious & wanting to assist. She
    is sorely missed. Many many thanks Georgina

  3. Rachelle Lanthier says

    wow, I have been waiting for such a long time for a cat and dog soap, thank
    you so much teach, you are just amazing, you are an inspirational icon to
    us all, great job

  4. 805Soap says

    Very nice soap ! I had dogs all of my life and I always used the same
    shampoo for me on them and its worked but I will try to make some special
    soaps for Lucy & Tbone…they deserve the best! Your donation is awesome!

  5. Suzy Whitten says

    I’m so sorry to hear about Wetta, Georgina. Our pets are like family. I’m
    sure you have some wonderful memories to hang on to and to keep her near to
    your heart. My best to you, Suzy

  6. soaping101 says

    I think there is much debate with lavender but I received my information on
    from the ASPCA who notes that lavender is considered to be non-toxic and
    edible in small amounts for cats.

  7. ThreeSistersSoap says

    Offically caught up on all the classes!! I hope I am not late anymore. This
    is such a wonderful idea. Love the bone soap. Nice idea!!! Great as always!!

  8. soaping101 says

    I am sad for Georgina! Her dog was great with people but attacked other
    pets so she had to put her down :(

  9. Philip Woolley says

    Great lesson.Cats wanted to leave after their bit as they dont like dogs.
    You know what cats are like. FANTASTIC that you are supporting Georgie I
    had no idea.

  10. Heather Winberg says

    The CVMA and AVMA both list lavender as toxic to cats. They go on to state
    that any essential oil can cause liver damage in cats. Unscented shampoo is
    a far better idea for kitties, even if it’s “just in case”. <3