How To Make Natural Soap From Native Soap Berries | Homestead Kids

How to make natural soap from native Soap berries. Natural, organic liquid soap can be used for laundry, body wash, shampoo and so much more on the homestead…


  1. Homestead Kids says

    What if you could walk out to a tree on your homestead and pick some soap?
    That would be handy. If you have Native Soapberry trees growing nearby, it
    can be almost that easy. With some simple preparation, Soapberries make a
    nice mild but good soap :)

    Watch “Gathering Soap Berries”:

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  2. Susan Rogers says

    Never heard of them, maybe you could start some branches in the spring to
    root and make some money selling them, I’d be interested.?

  3. Off Grid Texas Homestead says

    I’ve seen them growing but never knew what they were. I’ll be keeping an
    eye out for the trees?

  4. The Homestead Farmer says

    Where do these trees grow? Wet areas, dry areas, black land, sandy soil…
    That way I’ll know where to look for the most part. :)?