How to improve eyesight – Ayurveda Herbs Natural Remedies to improve eyesight

Looking for How to improve eyesight? This video is based on How to improve eyesight by natural herbs available at home. If you are suffering from weak eyesig…


  1. Awsuman Dayal says

    Thank you for your help. I became nauseous when taking the ghee and black
    pepper remedy. Can i take this at night time and drink some water after,
    and still improve eyesight??

  2. LilSweet Peaches says

    I has weak eyes and a naturopathic dokter tolds me to each lots of cheeses
    and drink little waters to then bind ups me colon and have really, really
    hard stool. Keeping fecals stuff in mah bodies would build up until de
    fecal put pressure on nerves and blood-viens ins mah neck and heads and
    pushed mah eyes into proper shape and position. Was dis dokter right??

  3. andii riosar says

    *If you want to reverse Myopia, Hyperopia and other serious conditions, and
    at the same time restore your vision naturally without expensive and
    harmful surgery, then you don’t want to miss the insights I’m going to
    reveal here…*?

  4. DragonboltBlastter says

    Interresting, I will try those remedies and about watching the sun and
    moon. I’ll try that too?

  5. Sherry Proskine says

    These are interesting, how do you use the Bhrami pranayama? Can you tell
    me if a Surma would work for me? I have hyperopia (farsightedness). Thank

  6. ekunji says

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