How to Grow Longer Hair Naturally : Natural and Herbal Remedies

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  1. Pat Cocoa Brown-Rice says

    I love this video. This is so informative. What you said is old school and
    this is when my hair grew. This is the reminding I needed. ?

  2. GloryB Ima says

    Okay U said the right thing about how the hair is nourished & that’s from
    the INSIDE OUT! What we put on the hair will protect & preserve it NOT
    make it grow. So I’m listening..?

  3. jdstep97 says

    Interestingly, I’ve found that brushing my hair breaks it off. When I
    basically just left it alone and stopped doing stuff to it, it started
    growing. I’m African-American but my hair is very fine and naturally
    curly. I wash it and put a conditioner on it. After that, I leave it
    alone, but I do spray aloe vera oil on it. My hair is longer than it’s
    ever been, which is a good 3 inches passed my shoulder when the curl is
    stretched out. When a little girl, my hair only came to my shoulder;
    that’s when I was brushing it. I guess people are different. ?