How to Grow Long Eyelashes Naturally

Long eyelashes are considered as a sign of beauty in most cultures. But too many chemicals, make-up or heat can damage our eyelashes. Watch how you can grow …


  1. Purpopolis13 says

    I love the videos so informative but I wish u would put a little more life
    in it because its like ur a robot srry love yah?

  2. Beauty Junkie says

    Thank you for both recipes. I have been using castor oil without results.
    I will add the egg white. That may be the ingredient needed. Have a
    great day!?

  3. praneeta rao says

    its too complicated! just use coconut oil at night before you sleep. or use
    petroluem jelly. wake up with fuller and longer looking lashes the next
    morning! it works! it may depend on ur hair growth! but this is the best

  4. Jovanka Ciares says

    I remember my grandmother using the olive oil and vitamin E mixture. I
    should use it again! Thanks.?

  5. Celeste Ohsosilly says

    I never thought of using egg with the castor oil. I usually just use plain
    castor oil. Thanks for these tips. ?

  6. Elizabeth Molina says

    I love your channel. Thank you for all your healthy and natural tips.
    They’ve helped a ton! :D?

  7. sana hussain says

    Hi.. Thnx for video nd I have a hair loss prblm can u plz tell me the bst
    solution to stop hair fall nd grow a healthy long hair?

  8. Yamelaine Garcia says

    Love it, they make complete sense. Eggs provides the proteins, oil provides
    the moisturizer. ?

  9. Nithin gupta says

    Mam, am suffering from tan on my face, in a video u said to apply a mixture
    of tomato puree and lemon juice can we use tomato juice Instead of tomato
    puree ?