How to get LONG hair SUPER FAST (DIY Home Remedy)

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  1. Emily Paige Schlegel says

    not being rude or anything what happed to ur hand? by the way ur so so so
    so so so so so pretty no joke.?

  2. Kirsten MacDonald says

    Due to the vitamins that contains… that’s for damaged hair (I want to
    grow faster my non damaged hair)
    Ingredients for both damaged and non damaged hair is 2tbsp hot water, 2tbsp
    spicy ground mustard, 1 egg yolk, 2tbsp cinnamon (mix thoroughly,
    apply/massage onto scalp, leave in for 1hr, wash thoroughly)
    I do it twice a week and it gives me fast/great hair growth results :) ?

  3. Adiba Hassan says

    Hiii not sure if this is a dumb questions but how often are you supposed to
    do this remedy? :0 and how often do you wash your hair?? ?

  4. TLaw says

    Just get to the damned point, dont waste people’s time with the nonesense
    crap. Thats not why lve clicked on your vid -.- (sorry for my rudeness but
    it had to be pointed out cuz it gets really annoying youtubers doing that)?

  5. Samurai Hossam says

    Iam egyption . I dont know inglish moor but gogl translit ….. how much to
    use for a week and how many put it on my heir?

  6. MyJourney. ? says

    im using all your tips and im noticing progress! your videos are awesome
    and so are your other friends’ with whom you are doing the collab giveaway
    with :* stunnerrr?

  7. TheW65 NewsTalk says

    i love your videos but wouldn’t putting that stuff on your hair make it all
    sticky and gross? I am using the inversion method without essential oils
    though. ?

  8. Tatiana Lara says

    Stop talking I will never see another video that includes you.No hater just
    what the hell is wrong with you why didn’t you tried it first to see if it
    really does work.Because I don’t trust a chick like you.Also,please don’t
    make another video.?

  9. Egl? GeŇ°ventait? says

    How long i have to use this to grow my hair? Anx how many hours i cant wash
    my hair,if i use this?. ?

  10. Eddie N. says

    Not to ask a totally off topic question,but whats on her left hand? o.o,
    Its red like blood, but seems like its in a pattern. Red tattoo?

    XD sorry, stupid question i know. Just caught my eye is all :P?

  11. Yessenia Palomares says

    When did you start seeing results ?! And what do with the left overs ? Can
    I reuse it ? ?