How to get LONG Hair SUPER FAST (Deep Oiling Home Remedy) | Muni Sanchez

Hey everyone… So I have been requested to do a video on hair care again. I recently uploaded one on the different oils and my routine and just products that I have been using. I will link…


  1. Zarqa Walayat says

    Thanx for hair is falling all over the place due to taking
    medicines …hopefully this can all ur videos..ur a true
    insperation ..keep up the good work?

  2. Avery Noelle says

    How often would you recommend doing this treatment? I have shoulder-length
    hair, so hopefully this will be helpful. :)?

  3. Love readingkiss says


  4. Zara Ahmed says

    You look so great and have lost weight. Pls pls pls do a updated fitness
    routine and your diet…PLSSS X?

  5. Nidhi Bakshi says

    and just to let you know…I am now addicted to your vedios..;).You are
    mind blowing…and hats off to your Sense of Humour…?

  6. Maryam Jamal says

    I love your videos so much ???????? and can you please make a video about how
    to make your hair straight naturally ?????

  7. Shavana Azad says

    Hey i love your videos.. could you plzz tel me hw meny times doo we oil our
    hair in a week and weneva we do, do i have to make it fresh everytym.. xx?

  8. Grim Pheasant says

    Now with winter and all the dryness around,.I have a problem with static,
    and lots of it,..can’t keep watering it down,.Especially going out, I have
    to put it up most of the time, and would like to have it down to show my
    length of-course,.Is there other ways to get rid of this static??My hair is
    half way down my back..Lyn fom Canada..?

  9. francesca di leandro says

    it’s my first comment… i have to tell you, you are so beautiful and so
    funny at the same time, great personality! i’ve been following since when i
    left italy and relocated to mauritius, as many beauty products and remedies
    in mauritius are close to the indian/pakistani beauty regimes. i’ve been
    learning a lot from you and this is going to be my next DIY. thank you! PS:
    you’re truly gorgeous :)?

  10. Caroline Rockey says

    Hi I don’t have very long/thick hair so i decided to do a quarter
    measurement of this. It’s very it meant to be like this or is it
    because i lessened the qty? Thanks very mcuh!?

  11. Tanaya Chanda says

    Hello there, thank you for this remedy. And I am gonna ask u one more thing
    that is, can u do updated skin care routine for winter. For dry skin? And I
    have some dark spots around my lips, pls tell a home remedy to get rid of
    that. Love ya. ?

  12. Kiran Khan says

    Is this treatment is appropriate for color treated hair? I really want to
    do it, I live in very dry Climate.?

  13. Farah Mohd says

    I have noticed that your dark circles have lightened since the last video..
    Mabrook ??????

    Happy for you! Good luck!