How To Gain Weight Fast – Ayurveda Herbs Natural Remedies To Gain Weight Fast By Sachin Goyal

Looking for How to gain weight fast? This video is based on how to gain weight fast by natural herbs at home. Weight gain is essential for those who has very…


  1. Sarah Khan says

    sr. m ne aap ki video dekhi hai or ise kiya bi hi mera w8 gain bi huwa hai
    (alhamduliliha)sr ye remedy ko hm kb tk try kary or dhup k dino m bhi ly
    kya ya fr srf sardiyaon dino m he ly ya sal k 12 maheny ly q ki honey ki jo
    tasir hoti hi vo to garam hota hai to hm dhumkaly m bi ly sakaty hai kya ?
    or pregent lady bhi honey year k 12 month ly sakati hai kya?

  2. Be Yourself says

    I really wanna put weight, I m gonna give it try . I give you news after
    month. Thanks for sharing. Subbie +1?

  3. Arvin Jung Thapa says

    I have tried almost all method but still there is no change in my body.Why
    is that so??

  4. Umesh y2k says

    Hello Goyal Sir, Can you plz let me know with 2 bananas and milk a day, how
    much weight gain can one expect in 15 days or a month ??

  5. poploopsoup says

    Thank you for this video. If there are any other ways you know of to gain
    weight, I would love to see them.?

  6. mimol07 says

    Where I can buy the big raises?
    I couldn’t find big ones, so I just bought plums, is that the same as
    raises or is any difference??