Herbal Teas Saved My Health! | boxes of foxes

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  1. Erin Honor says

    I have found the exact same thing with drinking herbal tea, especially with
    green tea. As far as not liking the taste of the ginger tea, I drink ginger
    tea on the daily (I have a lot of stomach/digestive problems) and it is SO
    helpful. I tend to steep it along with a bag of some type of fruity white
    tea (I like pomegranate best), and it makes the taste SO lovely! Also,
    yerba matte tea is another really great herbal tea energy source =).?

  2. Anni Emma says

    I’m lucky to like the taste of herbal tea. I just don’t drink green tea so
    often, bc it wakes you up and I’m always scared that I won’t be able to
    sleep then. Maybe I’ll try a detox tea soon :D?

  3. Caitlin Cook says

    With the peace tea you get a twinings version that just says sleep on the
    box in purple/pink writing. It’s very cheap and has camomile, lavender and
    vanilla pod x?

  4. Lorna Bo says

    omfg I bought the apple one a few days before this, and yes, it is
    absolutely brilliant – I have one every day before bed. would definitely
    recommend to anyone :3?

  5. Caitlin Cook says

    This video is amazing! I’m in love with herbal teas and it’s great to get
    recommendations xx?