Herbal T – “That’s that”

“That’s that” official video. This is the first single off the upcoming Herbal T album. Purchase the single on itunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album…


  1. Tee PlaysGames says

    Wax is amazing with wordplay, but Herb’s flow blows his out of the water.
    That’s why they’re so perfect as a team. ?

  2. Gabe Miniaci says

    “Herbs move crowds like a preacher with his pews full of Christians
    And once again your gang of losers are finished and that’s that”
    When I heard that line, I was just thinking God this flow is so fucking
    dope. Just ridiculous. I cannot stop hitting the replay button. Keep it up,
    Herbs. Would love to hear more of your shit.?

  3. lifeform106 says

    Really good! But not the best for sure needs to work a little on his style.
    So he sounds more unique?

  4. James Pope Show says

    got dang, why haven’t we seen more of Herbal T before? … alright, i’m a
    bit of a hermit, it may be me, but I’ve always seen him in the vlogs n’
    such, but this is the first song/music video in which i’m seeing him
    awesome job though?