1. Ajit Joshi says

    dr.which types of food best for liver cirrhosis and what about salt in
    food pls suggest sir……….. if possible pls send me your contact addres
    and no pls?

  2. elizabeth maldonado says

    Please help my best friend male, is very ill asistes liver very swollen,
    bloated, and is pain. what do you suggest doctor, he does not what to die.
    Also is there place to buy this product usa. Help!!?

  3. Gerry Kishan says

    I am really thankful to Dr. Vikram for guiding people like me who are
    suffering from liver cirrhosis. I had this problem few months back but now
    it is no any more with me. all credit goes to liver cirrhosis cure pack of
    planet ayurveda which helped me out. i got its information through net.
    guys, if yor are suffering from the liver cirrhosis, need not to worry just
    try above said medicines and see the miracle.?

  4. Angelmods says

    Please help if you can, my grandmother has liver cirrhosis and is suffering
    from pain in the right side of her abdominal for three years off and on.
    What should she tell her doctor about which test she should take or what
    will help her pain? Her eyes are yellow! :(?

  5. Daniel Anderson says

    Hello!!Thank you for this nice information that you make and sharing this
    with us…?

  6. Kashif Shahzad says

    Dr i m from pakistan and my mother has the same problem as she mentioned
    above. can you plz tell us some remedies to clear the edema out off
    abdominal cavity . she is on homeo pethic treatment. plz help us recommend
    some thing workable apart from transplant bcz i hv heard that the
    transplant is also not reliable. plz reply

  7. Dr. Vikram Chauhan says

    There are many things not widely known.. That’s why I started this channel
    to bring awareness to people that there are certain herbs which can help in
    liver cirrhosis

  8. Eve Del Aguila says

    My mother right now is on a lot of medications bc of liver cirrhosis.
    Should she stick to a juice diet for awhile? she has no appetite at all and
    her feet are really swollen

  9. Dr. Vikram Chauhan says

    the liver care package mentioned at planet ayurveda dot com is good to
    clear the ascites i.e. fluid in the abdominal cavity due to liver
    cirrhosis. The herbs also help to heal the liver cells and improving
    appetite, clearing off the edema. In many cases, the liver damage is
    reversible and herbs should be used