Hair Oils to Make Your Hair Healthy and Grow

This are the hair oils that my gf who is visiting from India got me into. The secret is not only the ingredients but the preparation. It has made my hair hea…


  1. Elle Is For Living says

    +Edwin Rivera I am so glad to hear that your hair is growing faster than
    usual. Definitely massage the oil onto the scalp and be careful to not get
    it too hot. I hope you get this reply as I am not if your husband’s google+
    settings allow responses. ?

  2. Elle Is For Living says

    +vallrin d’cruz Welcome! Using the oils will help but also avoid heat.
    If you haven’t had your hormones checked My Hormone Replacement Therapy
    Journey so far and your thyroid checked My Thyroid Journey that can also
    impact your hair falling out as well as how fast it grows. Finally make
    sure you are getting proper nutrition and taking vitamins. I am going to
    do a specific video on hair growth. Thanks.?

  3. SaliorSarah says

    Just found your channel through a comment you left on my friend Natashas
    video and i have to say i love your videos and feel like you almost the
    helpful mum on youtube that i know i can get good advice from and trust its
    right :) xxx?

  4. Elle Is For Living says

    +jewels easterman Actually, if you use microwaves properly, they are
    healthier for you than cooking on a stove which leaches out the vitamins.
    You need to be aware that a microwave will get some materials very hot,
    that it can cause water to boil and you need to use microwave safe
    containers but, other than that, it is very safe and heatlhy for you

  5. Beauty2Shoozzz says

    Your necklace is beautiful! It is so unique… reminds me of a spider web,
    too cool! Very helpful video! I was wondering If you have ever thought of
    putting peppermint oil into the mix… I have heard that is great for
    stimulation… just a thought! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us
    Elle! I very much appreciate it! :)?

  6. Edwin Rivera says

    I use the coconut oil and olive oil, never warmth it in the microwave will
    do. I really want to buy the argon oil. I had beautiful thick hair and for
    the ladt 2 years started to lose hair when to doctor they couldn’t find any
    problem except I’m medication or stress. I only started 1 month ago,but see
    my hair growing faster than usual. Loved your video. Using my husband’s
    email lol?

  7. elena911000 says

    Hi Elle! This time is a great opportunity to say Thank you so much! Not
    just for my new moisturized hair with these oils’ cocktail that work
    immediately (although I didn’t buy any of them but I used the ones I have
    at home), your wonderful suggestions about products: the turban towel that
    is inexpensive and very useful (also when I apply my oils), the blushes
    from NYX that are Really Good!! Oh, I need to tell you about the Garnier
    Skin Renew-Glamoflauge combination along with the chap Stick moisturizer
    hydration lock. I truly have seen a huge improvement with all of these
    products without spending a lot of money. Well, I have not finished yet,
    because I have to say Thank you for your time, that for any people there is
    extra time, and you invest it on helping us not just with Make Up ideas but
    also with your skills and knowledge about topics of the every day life! Our
    hearts are always with you! xoxo?

  8. makeuploverusa says

    I’m intrigued by that cactus oil. The only one I’ve used of all those was
    the coconut oil. I hope to try this combo some day ;-) XOXO!?

  9. Litfromwithin says

    I have argon oil and a few other conditioning products that I use, but this
    really interests me. Oh and something else you could try, is to put a cheap
    shower cap on while you have the oil in your hair. I do this when I am
    using a deep conditioning treatment on my hair.?

  10. Lina Z says

    I came to your channel from all the sweet comments you leave for other
    youtubers! And I really loved and enjoyed this video! Thank you so much!?

  11. Angela T says

    Hi Elle, yes, I am going to try this. I have processed hair as well and it
    needs more conditioning then my hair conditioner provides. I trust your
    opinion. You always have words of wisdom for us! Thank you. <3?

  12. Carla Tullis says

    Hi Elle,I use most of the oils that you do.I put the oils in my hair,then I
    use a plastic cap that fits on the nozzle of your hair dryer,turn
    temperature to warm for ten mins.then I put on cool and wash nice
    see you again. Hugs Carla?

  13. Leyla Layaali says

    Hello Elle :)
    this is my first video i just watched from you and i have to say, you are
    I live in Germany, but last month i was in morocco, my homeland for
    vacation. so i saw these vatika oils. but when i saw the ingredients, there
    were mineral oil as the first ingredient listed. So i just wanted to
    know… are yours the same and contain mineral oil too, or not?
    Much love and greetings from germany

  14. vallrin d'cruz says

    Hy ellie u have a new fan here ao hie :) n i just wanted to ask some tips
    upon how can i make my haie thick as its just way too thin n i even have
    some hairfall and dont know how to make ut thick so can you give me some
    tips upon how can i make my hair thick PLEASE??? it wil be of a great help
    thanx!! :) ?

  15. cat carrigan says

    OMG I tried this with the same oils and my hair has never felt better. I
    left it on for 2 hours wonderful. My hair looks and feels amazing. Elle
    thanks for sharing. Heating the oils made all the difference. Holds a curl
    love it!?

  16. Eileen Summerville says

    Elle, I just watched your hair video on hair oils again. Perhaps you
    should also take a wee bit of the oil and first massage it into your scalp
    with the tips of your fingers before you put it onto the hair strands
    itself. The scalp is where all the action for health and growth takes
    place. I have found this method to work well for me. It is what the East
    Indians do. Where we go to the Hair Salon to have a wash cut and dry, the
    Indians go to the hair expert to have an oil massage for the head. There
    is actually a name for this but I forget what it is right now. It is very
    Aryuvedic to do. I think it is a very cool idea but since I cannot find
    any Salon that will do this treatment, I do it myself. Hope this helps.
    You are genuinely sweet and gracious. I have enjoyed watching and
    re-watching your videos. You go girl!! Eileen?

  17. Miles Dread Head says

    Hi I’m new subscriber awesome tips you should do a free giveaway contest
    of oils lol it’s hard for me to find them here ?

  18. Lori 63 says

    thank you for the great info! your hair always looks so nice!
    I have a little about myself under my channel (I think) i’m not
    all lol?

  19. TheMonicagal says

    Hi Elle! I saw your video about these products when you posted it in March.
    Do you have any updates or thoughts about these Equate “Clinique” products
    after using them?? Thanks for sharing!?